January/February 2015
Under the Elms
Deserving To Be Here
martin_thb.jpg Renata Martin ’14 grew up without a green card and any hope of college. Now she's a Brown alumna.
Real-World Change
rhodesscholars_thb.jpg For only the second time ever, Brown has three Rhodes Scholars this year. Who are they?
Artists and Teachers
mentors_thb.jpg Four working alumni artists returned to List Art Center in the fall to teach aspiring artists how to succeed.
Veteran's Day
vetsday2014_thb.jpg In November, President Paxson honored military veterans with a wreath and watched a student join ROTC.
Confronting Historic Wrongs
slavery_justice_thb.jpg After more than a decade of study and planning, Brown unveils the Center for the Study of Salvery and Justice.
Art From Lobster Ropes
OrlyGenger_thb.jpg Artist Orly Genger ’01 constucts a meandering woven sculpture on the Front Green.