"Conversations with Godfather"
Robin Green '67: Executive producer, The Sopranos

"We try to keep an arm's length away from organized crime folks. More than an arm's length."

"George W. Bush and the September 11 Effect"
Howard Fineman:Newsweek chief political correspondent

"If political campaigning were the Winter Olympics, Dick Cheney would be curling."

"Beyond the Burqua"
Fatima Gailani: Afghani expatriate

"I asked an Afghani woman why she continued to wear a burqua, and she told me, 'We are hiding our poverty. All I want is to wear a decent, beautiful dress.' "

"The Truth About Aging"
Mark E. Williams: Professor of Geriatrics, University of Virginia

"It's important to accept that the death rate is still one death per person. The advances in medical science haven't changed that."

"The Romance of the Real"
Albert Maysles: Academy Award–nominated documentary filmmaker

"I think it's about time that this country took note of what's going on in the rest of the world and in the lives of ordinary people."