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Craving a little baby-boomer black humor in the dark days of winter? Check out Laura Linney 86 in The Savages, which director Tamara Jenkins calls a coming-of-middle-age story.

Courtesy Fox Searchlight Pictures
Linney, an Oscar nominee for her role, and costar Philip Seymour Hoffman play siblings Wendy and Jon Savage, forced out of Peter Panesque arrested development when their nasty father tips into dementia. Wendy is a struggling playwright surviving on temp jobs while having an affair with her married neighborthough she has more affection for his dog, wrote Rolling Stones Peter Travers. Jon, meanwhile, is a Brecht scholar who cant or wont commit to marrying his Polish girlfriend, even when her visas about to expire. Travers calls The Savages a twisted, bittersweet pleasure, while Newsweeks David Ansen proclaims it an X-ray of American family dynamics any son or daughter can take to heart.


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