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In his story on politics at brown, senior writer Lawrence Goodman quotes Pratik Chougule 08, vice president of the Brown Republican Club, as saying that the United States should invade Iran if sanctions on that country dont work (Party Animals, November/December).

So what is Chougule still doing at Brown, if thats so important? Why has he not enlisted in the military so he can be part of the invading force? Since Republicans are always instructing others on the importance of values, Im sure the explanation could not possibly be hypocrisy.
Goodman also notes that Chougule is the student at the table [who is] most sure of himself. Gee, I always thought that good-quality higher education of the kind found at Brown usually produced some shaking up of the certainty of belief thats so characteristic of freshmen. Could it be that the benefits of higher education are somehow not breaking through (what appears to be) the dogmas Chougule brought with him? If so, perhaps he should reconsider whether he really is benefiting from a Brown education.

Howard A. Karten 65
Randolph, Mass.

I wish Lawrence Goodman would have asked Pratik Chougule 08 if he would be willing to risk his life in the Iraq war that he thinks can be won. And I wonder whether the Brown faculty will be able to educate Chougule, even a little bit, by the time he graduates next year.

Sara Lee Silberman 63
Pawtucket, R.I.
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