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It was a great honor to be profiled in the May/June BAM! My play, boom, has strong roots at Brown. It was developed and shaped during the summer of 2007 at the Brown/Trinity Playwrights Repertory Theater under the artistic direction of Professor Lowry Marshall and the dramaturgy and direction of Kenneth Prestininzi '08 PhD.

Since 2005, Professor Marshall has re-imagined the summer theater and transformed it into a supportive and fertile ground for the development of new plays, many of which are having very active lives on the American stage. This wonderful summer theater program is bringing together Brown alumni, current MFA and undergrad students, and prospective theater students from across the country.

Not only was it wonderful for me to re-engage with Brown in a stimulating intellectual way after ten years away from campus; I also got to sleep in a long twin bed again. I'm still feeling the effects.

Peter Nachtrieb '97
San Francisco
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