The photo caption on page 20 of the November/December BAM notes that "new buildings and infrastructure improvements bring lots of construction workers to campus" ("Best Behavior," Elms). The sign depicted in the photo instructs these workers to "Please display the highest levels of respect for the Brown University students and their campus at all times: No Swearing/No Inappropriate Comments/No Smoking/Zero Tolerance for Drugs or Alcohol/ Keep Noise Levels to a Minimum."

The sign strikes me as more than a little condescending and insulting to the construction workers. If anything, I'd be more concerned about snotty Brown students being impolite to the construction workers. Yet I don't see any corresponding sign hanging nearby instructing them to that effect.

Jeff Brown '00

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I certainly agree with Jeff Brown, especially after reading of the behavior of some undergrads in recent years, which seems to be endorsed, or at least tolerated by the University. 
That sign is almost as bad as the signs that abounded around Boston in the 1800s, "Irish need not apply".
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