In the January/February Obituaries, the classes from 1942 to 1949 include thirteen alumni who served in the armed forces during World War II. They are a reminder that members of the NROTC participated in such World War II turning points as the Normandy invasion and the storming of Okinawa.

I fully support the positions of Martin T. Velazquez '94 ("Glorifying Old Glory," Mail Room, November/December) and George D. Tidd '60 (Mail Room, January/February). For Brown to refuse to support our government by denying the entry of our armed forces to campus and refusing to reestablish NROTC is an absolute disgrace. Our country's safety and security, as well as the principles of our freedom, should be a part of the University's continuing commitment.

Russell L. Wadbrook '45
Middletown, N.J.

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I fully endorse Martin's comments. ROTC should be a part of Brown! 
I was AFROTC for 2 years at Brown. Unfortunately, being color blind, I was cut when the program was curtailed by the Air Force. Nevertheless, I have always believed that those years were important to my development, and that the experience helped me become an NCO while serving in the army following my graduation from Brown. 
National service was expected of us all in the 50s. I have never regretted serving my two years of active duty.
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Russell L. Wadbrook is my grandfather and this has never come up when he tells me of old stories at brown but never has this come up. I completely agree with him
Hunter Wadbrook 2011