After reading "Crossing the God Divide" by Kevin Roose '09, I picked up and read his book, The Unlikely Disciple: A Sinner's Semester at America's Holiest University, over the July fourth weekend (March/April). Ten days later I was approached in the New York City subway by an evangelical on a mission—my first time being witnessed.

Having just read The Unlikely Disciple, I was armed with both an understanding of the evangelical perspective and an inspiration to be open-minded. I was more willing than usual to hear the man out, and so we shared a friendly conversation (albeit one that was skewed towards accepting Jesus into my life). It was a rare fresh breath of kindness in the otherwise dehumanizing hustle of the subway.

The most striking takeaway from Roose's book is his willingness to be open-minded. This attitude fittingly captures the Brown philosophy and reminds us all that, despite seemingly overwhelming differences, if we are willing to listen and be open-minded, we will discover commonalities that will unite us as humans. Thank you, Kevin.

Ryan Shewcraft '07
New York City

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