Alumni Fiction

» Men and Dogs by Katie Crouch ’95 (Little, Brown).

» A Witness in Tunis by J. P. Jones ’66 (BookSurge).

» Strong Justice: A Caitlin Strong Novel by Jon Land ’79 (Forge).

» Swallow by Tonya Plank ’93 AM (Dark Swan).

» What If … All Your Dreams Came True by Liz Ruckdeschel ’98 and Sara James (Random House).

» The Fifth Servant by Kenneth Wishnia ’82  (William Morrow).


alumni nonFiction

» Obamistan! Land Without Racism: Your Guide to the New America by damali ayo ’94 (Lawrence Hill).

» Language in the Real World: An Introduction to Linguistics, edited by Susan J. Behrens ’84 AM, ’86 PhD, and Judith A.  Parker ’84 AM, ’92 PhD; with chapters by Carole E. Chaski ’85 AM, ’88 PhD, Nancy Decker ’85 PhD, and Mary C. Boldt ’86 AM, ’91 PhD (Routledge).

» Flying the Edge of America: The Trip of a Lifetime by David Millet and Julia Buss ’00 (On-Demand).

» Best Practices in Talent Management by Marshall Goldsmith, and Louis Carter ’95 (Jossey-Bass).

» Small Schools Big Ideas by Mara Benitez, Jill Davidson ’89, and Laura Flaxman. Foreword by Theodore R. Sizer and Nancy Faust Sizer (Jossey-Bass).

» BANG! The Universe Verse Book 1 by James Lu Dunbar ’05 (self-published).

» Confessions of a Rebel Debutante by Anna Fields ’03 (Putnam).

» The Music of Django Reinhardt by Benjamin Givan ’96 (Michigan).

» Property Outlaws: How Squatters, Pirates, and Protesters Improve the Law of Ownership by Eduardo Moisé Peñalver and Sonia K. Katyal’93 (Yale).

» The 15 Minute Heart Cure The Natural Way to Release Stress and Heal Your Heart in Just Minutes a Day by John M. Kennedy ’92MD and Jason Jennings ( Wiley).

» Nevermore: A Photobiography of Edgar Allan Poe by Karen E. Lange ’84  (National Geographic).

» Racial Stigma on the Hollywood Screen from World War II to the Present: The Orientalist Buddy Film by Brian Locke ’96 AM, ’00 PhD (Palgrave Macmillan).

» Thieves in the Temple: The Christian Church and the Selling of the American Soul by G. Jeffrey MacDonald ’91 (Basic).

» Smart Real Estate Deals in the Bank Bailout Era and Beyond by Charles McKay ’92 (Authorhouse).

» Messages: Signs, Visits, and Premonitions from Loved Ones Lost on 9/11 by Bonnie McEneaney ’76  (Harper Collins).

» Unburdened by Conscience: A Black People’s Collective Account of America’s AnteBbellum South and the Aftermath Revised Edition by Anthony W. Neal ’81 (University Press of America).

» How Can My Kid Succeed in School: What Parents and Teachers Can Do to Conquer Learning Problems by Craig Pohlman ’89 and Schools For All Kinds of Minds: Boosting Student Success by Embracing Learning Variation by Mary-Dean Barringer, Michele Robinson, and Craig Pohlman (both Jossey-Bass).

» Archives of American Time: Literature and Modernity in the 19th Century by Lloyd Pratt ’01 PhD (Pennsylvania).

» The Father of All: The de la Guerra Family, Power, and Patriarchy in Mexican California by Louise Pubols ’88 (California).

» Points on the Dial Golden Age Radio beyond the Networks by Alexander Russo ’99 AM ’04 PhD (Duke).

» A Little Bit Married: How to Know When It’s Time to Walk Down the Aisle or Out the Door by Hannah Seligson ’04 (Lifelong Books).

» Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit: The Secrets of Building a Five-Star Customer Service Organization by Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon ’87 (American Management Assoc.)

» Grounded: A Down to Earth Journey Around the World by Seth Stevenson ’97 (Riverhead).

» Kiss & Tell: My Life in the Personals by David Tell ’79 (Lulu).

» Tiny Art Director: A Toddler and Her Vision by Bill Zeman ’89 (Chronicle).


alumni poetry

» Here Be Monsters by Colin Cheney ’01 (Georgia).

» Mean Free Path by Ben Lerner ’01, ’03 MFA (Copper Canyon).

» Unsound by Jennifer Martenson ’99 (Burning Deck/Anyart).

» Hurry Home Honey: Love Poems 1994–2004 by Sawako Nakayasu ’02 MFA (Burning Deck/Anyart).

» Life of a Star by Jane Unrue ’97 MFA (Burning Deck/Anyart).


faculty poetry                                  

» New Depths of Deadpan by Michael Gizzi ’76, ’78 AM (Burning Deck/Anyart).


faculty nonFiction

» Natural Reflections: Human Cognition at the Nexus of Science and Religion by Barbara Herrnstein Smith Brown Professor. (Yale).