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Mens & Womens Squash Neither the mens nor the womens squash team finished with a winning record, but the women qualified for the Howe Cup, a tournament for the top eight teams in the nation. Kali Schellenberg 10 delivered a strong rookie season for the womens team, and mens co-captain Dan Petrie 07 thrilled spectators with a five-game win in his final home match.

Skiing The ski team entered this season with high hopes after a very strong 2006 campaign. In the 2007 season, however, it struggled early. Thanks to the leadership of Kelly OHear 07, the skiers rallied later in the season and on February 27 the team finished the USCSA Championships in a three-way tie for first. OHear won both the slalom and giant slalom races. These were the fourth and fifth consecutive races she had won.

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