During Senior Week, as they prepared to exit the Van Wickle Gates, several soon-to-be-graduates told the BAM what they’d been up to during their four years at Brown.

Their stories demonstrate the continuing knack Brown students have for building a life that integrates lessons learned in the classroom and outside it. They not only have a passion for learning; they are equally driven to apply classroom lessons in the real world. One of these students builds boats. Another builds molecules. A third builds prosthetic devices. They play sports. Several took their own rough beginnings—a broken family, a parent’s illness, a younger brother’s suicide—and translated them into both personal growth and opportunities to help others, on and off campus.

These students described their lives without self-pity. The joy they take in their lives is evident—and inspiring. They give all of us much to think about. We hope you enjoy their company as much as we did. Click on the links below to read their profiles.


Nick Donias  A Complete Person






Daniel Greenwald  From Legos to Molecules






Emily Hsieh  Designing Prosthetics






Evelyn Ansel  The Boat Builder






David Salsone  From Bahrain to Brown






Jessica Biesel  Preventing Suicide by Talking About It






Lorena Garcia  Ethnic Medicine