In recent BAM issues I have noticed the blame directed at President Ruth Simmons for the lack of ROTC training at Brown. Our students can take ROTC training at Providence College. I have seen no official attempt to take sides on the war. I think President Simmons has done a good job at balancing out the problem and doing what is right for Brown.

Whatever we think of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, most of the veterans returning from them are heroes. We should learn from the lessons of Vietnam and welcome them.

Roger Krouse ’62
Asbury Park, N.J.


As part of the class of 1950 mini-reunion this May, our planning committee decided to invite current undergraduate veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts to share their experiences. Four fine young men attended, but to my amazement, when asked how many veterans were at Brown, they replied, “We are all of them.” Brown prides itself on diversity of its student body, and I strongly suggest they add another category: young men and women who have served in our armed forces. These numbers are disgraceful.

William L. Mayer ’50
Bristol, R.I.


Brown doesn’t officially track students’ veteran status. But last year ten undergraduates, one medical student, and one graduate student all received Yellow Ribbon Scholarships through the federal Post-9/11 GI Bill. Eight of those students were dependents of veterans. At least one other veteran declined the scholarship, and one left campus to redeploy.  —Editor

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Brown's position on ROTC and now the fact that you don't track students' veteran status are the final straw. I have tossed your subscription to BAM in the trash. 
My grandkids will go to a university that understands the value of diversity and how we got our freedom.
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