The photo of the Blizzard of 1978 brought back many wonderful memories from that eventful week during our freshman year (“Digging Out,” Classes, January/February). Among them were playing dorm-versus-dorm football games on the Pembroke Green; pulling sleds loaded with food and supplies down Thayer Street to the Ratty from the field behind Meehan Auditorium; stealing trays from the Ratty to use as sleds; making ski jumps out of the snow-drifted cars lining the steep streets on College Hill; participating in a chess tournament in Metcalf Hall that ended abruptly when a spectator (me) spilled a bowl of steaming hot popcorn on the board during a tense moment in the championship match, causing everyone to jump and the chess pieces to scatter all over the room; attending nightly keg parties until we ran out of money and enthusiasm; and taking quiet walks in the evening on frozen empty streets under a canopy of snow-laden trees. As I recall, we had just finished first semester exams (which were taken after winter break in those days), so we did not yet have a lot of reading and other assignments for second semester classes, making for a truly magical time.

Arlie Nogay ’81
Sewickley, Pa.
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