“A Mother’s Mission,” the January/February cover story, is one of the most compelling narratives I have ever encountered illustrating the power of collaborative science in solving human afflictions. The decade-long effort to identify the cause of progeria and to develop a cure illuminates how leadership, persistence, talent, hard work, and collaboration among clinical and research scientists can result in breakthroughs toward the goal of saving lives and improving the human condition. Thank you for the article.

Patricia M. Hendrickson ’52
Topsham, Me.


Please pass on my condolences to Leslie Gordon ’98 MD, PhD and her family. I know I am not alone in feeling a vicarious loss at her all-too-real loss. I was moved when I first read her words quoted in the article, but they pack even more punch as I look at them now: “I know I may not succeed in saving Sam’s life, but I could not live with myself if I didn’t try.” She can live with herself, thanks to her extraordinary courage, but for now, at least, she surely finds it very difficult to live without Sam. My thoughts are with her.

Andrew Speno ’88   
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Gordon’s son, Sam, passed away on January 10 due to complications from progeria. —Editor