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Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pain
Richard Villella ‘81
This iBook includes HD video of four progressive therapeutic yoga sequences. Learn why you are in pain and why other therapies often have no lasting affect. Banish seemingly uncorrectable lower back pain forever. iBook 

The Improbable Community
Bill Horne ‘64
New Deal idealists put their vision of American democracy into practice by creating a racially diverse summer camp for urban kids that becomes part of its rural community by collecting folk music and history. improbablecommunity.com  

Unnatural Selection: Lessons of Life and Death on the Paper Trail
by Rosana DuMas; Foreword by Sandy Masuo ‘87
This sassy zoo-done-it romps along the fault line where life and death, nature and culture, comedy and tragedy collide. Amazon

Winter Light

Peter Thompson PhD ‘75
Holden Caulfield meets Lucky Jim! A novel of dire winter in a New England boarding school. The alienation and public freak-out of the young Latin teacher, Rhodes. Funny and dark. www.lavenderink.org; Amazon

The Big Buddha Bicycle Race

Terence Harkin ‘68
Expecting to return unscathed from a screwed up war, Brendan Leary is wrong— the Rat Pack needs cameramen. “Postmodern and poetic.”—Jeanne Rosenberg, The Black Stallion. “Epic yet personal.”—Susan Craig, Warner Pictures. Amazon



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