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Born Confused
Tanuja Desai Hidier '90
Indian-American heroine Dimple Lala's journey through one long, hot, transformative NYC summer. A Rolling Stone Magazine and Entertainment Weekly greatest YA novel of all time. "A rare and daring protrayal...gives voice to a new generation of Americans." —USA Today. ThisisTanuja.com   

A Journey to God

John P. Birchall '86
John's insightful autobiography details his struggles with illness and addiction, leading to recognition of India's Sathya Sai Baba- Avatar of our age. Available from www.authorhouse.com, $11.95, ebook: $3.99. Contact John at  This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Revisiting Armageddon: Asteroids in the Gulf of Mexico

Raymond A. Covill '53
The story of Noah’s flood: when, where and how it started and the changes it made to the Earth. Amazon

Swimming the Hellespont - Selected Poems: 1971-2001

Jesse Mavro Diamond '75
Full of energy, passion, and telling detail, Diamond creates a haunting record of one woman’s journey through three politically charged and life-changing decades. —Martha Collins. Amazon

Jesus Christ Money Master: The Wisest Words Ever Spoken on Money

W. Neil Gallagher, PhD ’80
Gallagher explores four truths taught about money in the New Testament: don't love it, do give it, how to earn it, and how to make it grow. www.neilgallagherbooks.com

Our New Tubman
Mickey Bolmer ’73
A novel of struggle, learning, and hope: stories of students and teachers bringing learning back to life in a Brooklyn high school, 1991-92, including Brown adventures 1969-73.  Amazon.com and www.mickeybolmer.com  

Unexplored Lives
John K. Briscoe '87
Nine compelling stories delve into the challenging circumstances of American tragedies, psychological traumas, and human perseverance. Each tale provides a glimpse into the minds of people dealing with distressing and unusual realities. Amazon or www.unexploredlives.com  

Float the Pooch
Mark Malamud '82
Literary science fiction meets hard-boiled Yiddish theatre. Novel pits sex against life, life against meaning, and — incredibly — David Bowie against Stanley Kubrick. Amazon


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