Alumni Fiction

Being Mrs. Alcott by Nancy Geary '87 (Warner). Pleasant Drugs: Stories by Kathryn Kulpa '86 AM (Mid-List). Somebody's Daughter by Marie Myung Ok Lee '86 (Beacon). Bad Girls by Alex McAulay '96 (MTV/Pocket Books). A Little Love Story by Roland Merullo '75, '76 AM (Shaye Areheart).

Alumni Nonfiction

Talking Race in the Classroom by Jane Bolgatz '90 MAT (Teachers College). Monteverdi's Unruly Women: The Power of Song in Early Modern Italy by Bonnie Gordon '90 (Cambridge). Effect Sizes for Research: A Broad Practical Approach by Robert J. Grissom '60 and John J. Kim (Lawrence Erlbaum). Shadows on a Wall: Juan O'Gorman and the Mural in P!tzcuaro by Hilary Masters '52 (Pittsburgh). The Big Book of Jewish Conspiracies: What if It Was All True? by David Deutsch and Joshua Neuman '95 (St. Martin's Griffin).