As has been Brown's good fortune over the years, the Commencement weekend enjoyed fine weather and the class of '40 took full advantage of it. On Friday afternoon we settled in at our class headquarters, the Kappa Sigma house. The first event of the weekend was the Brown Bear Buffet at the Sharpe Refectory, but this was preceded by a happy hour at our headquarters, where we spent time getting reacquainted and catching up on the past sixty years. For the more agile, the Campus Dance followed, while the less adventurous retired to Kappa Sigma for dessert and coffee.

On Saturday afternoon, as has long been customary, the Pembroke and Brown classes held separate luncheons, but this time both were at the Faculty Club.

The big event of the weekend was our class banquet at the Agawam Hunt Club, at which master of ceremonies Ken Clapp delighted us with a few anecdotes from our days on the Hill. He then introduced the feature of the evening - a black-and-white film made by Vic Schwartz's parents and featuring the march through the Van Wickle Gates on graduation day sixty years ago!

On Sunday morning many of our class attended the service honoring departed classmates. On Monday morning we marched down the hill behind our 60th reunion banner. We were a bit gimpy, perhaps, but still full of spirit! -John J. McLaughry

60th reunion attendees:

Edward Ball

Shirley Roberts Barbour

June Purcell Beddoe

Dave Borst

Margaret Fico Capasso

Bret Carlson

Dexter Chafee

Ken Clapp

Jean Bruce Cummings

Stan Cummings

Anne Mikolajewski Curtis

Barbara Porter DeLuca

Steve Dore

Polly Tirrell English

Russ Field

Clyde Fisk

Frank Giunta

Sam Gourse

Isabelle Stone Hofstein

Bob Homma

Roy Hunt

Margaret Butterfield Hyde

Rudolf Jaworski

Fred Jellison

Ray Johnston

Edward Jones

Esther Bourne Manning

Althea Hall Mc Aleer

Anne Keenan Mc Caffrey

Ed McLaughlin

John McLaughry

Lib Ibell Medbury

Ralph Messenger

Alice Kutz Oster

Dave Parlin

Joseph Parnicky

Harold Pfautz

Ruth Campbell Pratt

Millie Forsberg Resch

Betty Hunt Schumann

Victor Schwartz

Robert Staff

Hope Smith Sterrett

Curt Warren

Allen Williams

Charlie Winterrowd