What a wonderful 40th reunion! More than 160 classmates and guests returned to Brown for a weekend of renewed acquaintanceships, shared memories, intellectual stimulation, and traditional pageantry. Highlights included a class seminar held after Saturday’s luncheon and class meeting. Speakers were William S. Simmons, senior vice president for academic outreach and affiliated programs; Kathryn Spoehr ’69, executive vice president and provost; and Janina Montero, vice president for campus life and student services. They shared exciting plans for the University in the twenty-first century.

Saturday night’s class dinner at the stylish Café Nuovo gave us a preview of the "new" Providence, which we experienced again on Sunday at WaterFire and the waterfront festival. Our traditional Sunday clambake, once again hosted by Libba and Paul Choquette at their beautiful home in Warwick, R.I., was better than ever. Monday morning saw a goodly number of classmates march down College Hill in the truly spectacular Commencement march.

Finally, the following class officers were unanimously elected: Timothy Hennessey, president; Mary Birdsall Cervoni, vice president; Margaret Durham, secretary; Richard Adams, treasurer; Cheryl Lampe Tennille, reunion chair; and Edwin and Barbara Jones Nichoson, class liaisons to our national scholar. Congratulations! To welcome and help the new officers, we formed an emeriti committee consisting of myself, Sheila Boberg Delhagen, David Hogarth, Ed Nicholson, and Caroline Cole Cornwell.

As outgoing class president, I want to thank everyone who worked so hard on this reunion, including Paula DeBlois ’89 R.U.E. and the rest of the staff in alumni relations. Also, we would never have achieved our record-breaking class gift ($2.9 million as of the reunion) without the indefatigable 40th reunion gift committee, directed by Kristina Franco at the Brown Alumni Fund. I’ve really enjoyed the past ten years as class president, and I’m not going anywhere – please contact me anytime you’re in Providence. I’ll see everyone at our 45th! –Becky Hill Eckstein

40th reunion attendees:

Richard Adams

Fred Adams

Linda Buchman Allen

Marion Ahrens Allen

Don Almeida

Fred Alper

Jane Doane Anderson

John Bellavance

Dick Benson

Kate Guthrie Bergen

Toyo Uyeyama Biddle

Stan Bleecker

Jim Bower

Joel Brest

Peter Briggs

Bill Brisk

Bernie Buonanno

Jim Butler

Alan Caldwell

Richard Caputo

Terry Case

John Caswell

Mary Birdsall Cervoni

George Champlin

Paul Choquette

Tom Clingan

Deborah Colborn

Caroline Cole Cornwell

Chris Cotton

George Coughlan

Hope Cranska

Peter Dames

Barbara Deller

Allan Deutsch

Nancy Drew

Tom Dunleavy

Peggy Durham

Suzanne Werber Dworsky

Posy Hall Dyer

Al Easton

Becky Hill Eckstein

Beth Fahey Edelstein

Stephen Feinberg

Linda Blackman Feldman

Mary Miga Fenlon

Walt Foley

Sandra Hodgkins Francis

Dick Galkin

Ann Hansen Gamble

Art Giorgini

Jane Webbink Goldman

Bill Gost

Angus Green

Carol Clary Haeberli

Barbara Hajjar

Caroline King Hall

Sandy Swanson Hammer

Tim Hennessey

David Hogarth

Judith Hunt

Garrett Hunter

Tony Ittleson

Barbara Little Jaffe

Mary Byram Jones

Lenny Karpman

Linda Woodworth Keado

Dorothy Vischi Kelly

Paul Kelly

Ruth Kertzer Seidman

Pete Kindler

Bob Klein

Rosemary Smith Kostmayer

Bob Lettieri

Steve Liebmann

Ralph Lowry

Vince MacDonald

Carol Maclennan

David Manson

Julia Crosby Markham

Robert Mazzeo

Terry Mc Enany

Gina Stevenson Mc Enany

Joan Hoost Mc Master

Rod Meyer

Stephen Munzer

Bob Nadeau

Dana Newbrook

Ed Nicholson

BJ Jones Nicholson

Barbara Lehman Nielsen

Bill O’Neill

Steve Oberbeck

Phil Omsberg

Louise Patton Pearson

Barbara Carlson Perkins

John Pflug

Carolyn Hanson Prescott

Teresa Ragosta

Dave Reed

Joanne Tenedine Rees

Jerry Rhine

James Rudolph

Edward Rundquist

Carol Ross Rush

David Sadtler

Minna Saxe

Bill Sayles

Janet Cole Seltzer

Steve Seltzer

Charles Sieburth

William Simmons

Margi Smith Skovira

Elaine Tetreault Smith

Jane Baker Spiegle

Thom Steckbeck

Jim Steiner

Bob Stetson

Cheryl Lampe Tennille

Marjorie Tingle

Bill van den Toorn

Les Weinstein

Ron Whitehill

David Wilson

Stan Woolf

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