We celebrated our 30th reunion on a glorious weekend that may have offered the only four consecutive days of sunny weather all spring in New England. Perhaps Joan Mitchell Fletcher’s selection of umbrellas as our reunion favor was the reason for the dry weather, or maybe it was our restraint from emblazoning the umbrellas with the slogan, "The Class of ’70 Reigns." In any case, the fine weather added greatly to the high spirits of the more than 200 classmates and guests.

After a lively Friday reception at class headquarters (Delta Phi lounge) the class convened for cocktails and dinner at the Faculty Club, where Nancy Gidwitz and others presented a check for almost $400,000 as our contribution to this year’s annual campaign. On a more somber note, Dave Whitman, outgoing class president, read the necrology of those classmates who have died since out last reunion. The loss of Rick Schomp was particularly noted because of his service on the reunion committee.

Margaret Genovese flew in from Toronto to once again host the Pembroke breakfast on Saturday morning. While enjoying cranberry coffeecake, more than fifty women shared stories of their lives since graduation. Later, Pembroke Field provided the perfect spot for a picnic and class meeting. Elaine Berlinsky Fain was elected president; Georgie White Johnson, vice president; and Joe Scali, treasurer. Jack Renshaw will continue to serve as secretary. Outgoing treasurer Jeff Bergart, who ran his wife ragged on Friday baking bread and decorating dorm rooms for returning classmates, organized the sale of extra T-shirts to benefit the class scholarship. We raised almost $1,000!

On Saturday evening, after enjoying a quiet dinner at Josiah’s, many of us listened to the Temptations perform at the Commencement concert.

Ken Miller, acclaimed Brown professor and author of Finding Darwin’s God, organized an inspirational Sunday class forum. After considering such topics as "Is There Life after the NFL" (which fell apart when Curt Bennett, our only logical participant, moved to Hawaii) and "Why Is the Class of ’70 So Cheap?" (yes, the gifts of most other reunion classes had one, if not two, more digits than ours!), Ken settled on "Is Religion the Enemy of Reason?" Panelists Peter Laarman, Cappy Cummings Nunlist, Sue Godsell Baust, and Bev Hodgson inspired much lively debate.

On Sunday evening Elaine and Barry Fain hosted a wonderful supper at their beautiful home next to Prospect Terrace in Providence. Their rooftop deck offers panoramic city views. As darkness fell, we wandered into the city to enjoy the sensational WaterFire and, later, upbeat country music at the Met Café. Amy Johnsen-Harris coordinated this event with club owner Rich Lupo. At one point Al Basile brought his horn onto the stage and made some beautiful music.

Monday’s Commencement march proved to be much more festive than the very somber march at our graduation, when the University was on strike. One of our dapperly attired class marshals, Paul Meyers, was particularly happy to see his daughter, Rachel ’00, graduate. It was a fabulous time, and all indications are that our 35th reunion will be even more fun. –Jack Renshaw

30th reunion attendees:.

Bill Anderson

Denny Arar

Harold Bailey Jr.

Al Basile

Sue Godsell Baust

Mick Bedard

Jean Bessette Bedard

Jonathan Berek

Jeff Bergart

Suzanne Schaffner Borstein

Chris Braun

Neil Brockwehl

Richard Bush

Rob Carlson

Malcolm Carmichael

Bill Carr

Allen Castner

David Chenault

Sally Davenport Clevenger

Carole Collins

John Cooney

Jon Cowan

Bill Cronin

Ronnie Dane

Jaffa Kessler Davies

David Davies

Shari Sweet DeLuca

Kitty Nicholson Donnelly

Milan Dopirak

Sumati Eberstadt

Fred Ehrhardt

George Ellis

Jeff Emrich

Elaine Berlinsky Fain

Paul Farrell

Ellen Ogintz Fishman

Joan Mitchell Fletcher

Jane Medas Fleury

David Folsom-Jones

David Fox

Margaret Genovese

Nancy Gidwitz

Larry Gordon

Cheryl Connors Gouse

Anne Harvey Grote

Barbara Haines

Bryan Hansen

Anne Hyde Hanyen

Polly Amiot Harrington

Bob Hartman

Raymond Hawkins II

Cindy White Hesel

Kate Fleisher Hilburn

Ed Hirschland

Beverly Hodgson

Donna Hoffman

Mary Montgomery Howard

Rock Huang

Bill Hunt

Doug John

Amy Johnsen-Harris

Georgiana White Johnson

Betsy Judson

Larry Jurrist

Bill Kane

Alicia Phillips Klaffky

Ron Kreidman

Janice Kruger

Michael Leach

Alan Levine

Nancy Jahn Litchfield

Jason Liu

Barbara Marzetta Liu

Greg Lloyd

Iva Maclennan

Gina Macris

Chuck Mahoney

Leslie Martin

Steve Massarsky

Sue Di Norscia Mc Millan

Bernie Mendillo

Paul Meyers

Don Michelinie

Ken Miller

Susan Pond Mills

Glenn Morse

David Mountain

Dorothea Musgrave

Matthew Myers

Stephan Myers

Susan Newberger

Terry Newcomb

Mark Nunlist

Cappy Cummings Nunlist

Eric Olson

Jeanne Ellis Ormrod

Carol Armitage Pierstorff

Robert Polatty

David Porter

Warren Potas

Joyce Reback

Jack Renshaw

Jack Rose

Susan Lebach Rosenbloom

Joe Scali

Susan Singleton Schermerhorn

Richard Schermerhorn

Bob Schwartz

Bob Sedey

Peggy Egger Seher

Richard Shapiro

Renée Rose Shield

Bob Shippee

Billy Siegenfeld

Jonathan Silbermann

Jim Silverthorn

Robert Singleton

Phil Smith

Lafe Solomon

Mel Spigelman

Herman Ssebazza

Joy Javits Stewart

Dave Tardy

Steve Thomas

Geoff Thomas

Barbara Traver

Mark Trueblood

Pat Truman

Joy Sutro Truman

Craig Van Nostrand

Joy Veaudry

Steve Walach

Paul Weinberg

Bruce Wentworth

David Whitman

Don Williams

Geri Lemoi Williams

Robert Young

Peter Zwarg

Mary Anne Schloemer Zwarg