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By The Editors / May / June 1999
November 14th, 2007

At the end of March, 2,857 students received questionnaires asking them to evaluate campus programs and services, the first time in more than twenty years that undergraduates have been surveyed so comprehensively....Sean Morey '99 became the first Brown football player in seventeen years to be picked in the National Football League draft; Morey was the 241st selection....Reporting on the results of a study she led, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Natalie Golova wrote in the May Pediatrics that low-income children read better and more often when their pediatricians give them books and encouragement; the study also suggests that, as toddlers, the children develop language more quickly....President Gee formed a six-member Brown Code of Conduct Committee to monitor adherence to the University's anti-sweatshop policies....After studying fossilized dinosaur footprints, Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Stephen Gatesy concluded in Nature that, of creatures living today, dinosaurs walked most like fowl, lending more credence to the theory that birds evolved from dinosaurs....Creative writing graduate student Dan O'Brien won the American Theatre Critics Association's M. Elizabeth Osborn Award for his play Lamarck....Cartoonist Garry Trudeau canceled his campus lecture scheduled for April 19 when he became distressed by news of the high school shootings in Littleton, Colorado; Trudeau said that, under the circumstances, he would be unable to give a speech about satire and humor.

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