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Because of the hundreds of class notes we include in each issue, many class notes are edited for length and style. Class notes also appear on the magazine’s Web site; please let us know if you do not want all or part of your note to appear on our Web site. (Class notes on our Web site are searchable not only by the site’s search engine, but by such commercial search engines as Google.) Although we check names and class years, we cannot verify the accuracy of every fact in The Classes section. To determine the issue in which your class note will appear, please check the deadlines listed on the first page of The Classes section in the print BAM.

NEW! The BAM now welcomes photos, which will appear online only. Please email photos, caption information, and contact info (see below) to

PHOTO POLICY: Names and contact information must be included for each person in the photo so that consent can be obtained before publication. 

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