Alumni Nonfiction

A History of Yale's School of Medicine: Passing Torches to Others by Gerard N. Burrow '54 (Yale, 368 pages, $40).

Mothering Daughters: Novels and the Politics of Family Romance by Susan Greenfield '83 (Wayne State, 288 pages, $34.95).

Virgil Thompson: A Reader - Selected Writings 1924–1984 by Richard Kostelanetz '62 (Routledge, 290 pages, $35).

Catfight: Women and Competition by Leora Tanenbaum '91 (Seven Stories, 335 pages, $24.95)

Faculty Nonfiction

Great Power Diplomacy: Volume II: 1914–Present by Norman M. Rich (McGraw-Hill, 324 pages, $42.50).