Due to a reporting error, Pamela Paul's class year ("Bringing Up Baby," May/June) was incorrect. The correct year is 1993.

Due to an editing error, the solution to the March /April Puzzle was incomplete. The complete solution appears at left.

Several readers contacted the BAM to point out that Sarah Mazick Saklad '28 is not Brown's oldest living alumna. We will be profiling other Brown graduates 100 years or older in a fall issue.

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Brown centenarians: 
I have just read the article on Sarah Mazick Saklad '28 in the May/June 2008 issue, as well as the correction above. My mother, Ruth Hill Hartenau '28, AM '29, was in the same class as Dr. Saklad and we are celebrating her 101st birthday today (July 29). She resides in a nursing home in Rye, NY.
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