I read with sadness of the untimely passing of Adam Lack '97 (Obituaries, November/December). Although most of us did not personally know him at Brown, he was at the center of a campus-wide dialogue that polarized the community and garnered national attention. At its root were such core University values as fairness, responsible sexual and drinking behavior, and the importance of consent. He brought much-needed attention to the profound discretionary power of the administration over the campus disciplinary system and to the importance of respecting students' civil rights. His experience at Brown raised difficult questions that challenged us all.

Robert S. Crausman '85, '88 MD
Rehoboth, Mass.

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I read with interest the comments by Robert Crausman, MD. He makes several worthy comments regarding the Lack - Klein case. As Adam's little brother I witnessed most of the fallout from the situation in question while a high school student in Osage, IA. If there are those who will listen, I would like to add my personal perspective on Adam Lack, deceased, my older brother, my mentor, my compass. I am not a Brown alumnus, but as Adam is deceased, I would like to enter a comment in his stead. Adam was and will remain a gentle and thoughtful soul who entered Brown with an inoccent mentality which he never recovered. He did however, manage to complete his degree despite unsettling odds and had managed to move on at the time of his tragic death. It was particularly trying for someone of Adam's ethic (you would have to know him) to weather the storm of personal attacks which came his way. Additionally, since attending Brown he lost not only his father to cancer (while caring for him at home), but also two of his closest personal friends and Brown alumni, Ray Rocha, and Dimi Gavriel. One perished on Sept. 11th and the other in Iraq after signing up with the Marines. I wish only that they can all be in peace together now. I will continue to live my life as I have since birth, attempting to emulate the man who was there for family, friends, and strangers alike. I will always wish to be just slightly more like my big brother.
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I tried to get an investigation into Adam's being killed, but the Mitchell County authorities refused to answer the supeona's for his coroner's report and the blood work. Adam had been helping me try to protect my property and stop the pollution. He had written a paper for an Environmental Science course he took while completing his Brown degree work in 2005. Adam helped me file a Discrimination charge against the USDA-NRCS in 2007, because in the 2007 civil case the DNR said I had to file against some of the polluters, Adam testified to the facts written in that paper, and the polluters testified the NRCS had funded the Illegal Flood Channel through a line of NRCS surveyed and documented sinkholes. That had polluted 8 wells,including ours, and was what caused Adam's Dad's cancers and hyperkalemia. Adam was my Guardian Angel. He was also trying to get some attention to the Anhydrous Ammonia pollution of the Mississippi River Watershed. Non-Sustainable Farming Practices are causing huge soil losses, and polluting our water. His passion he gained at Brown was all types of renewable energy. He was killed partly by the People that chained his truck and raised and dropped it taking Adam's head off at the C-2 vertebra and partly by lies. His Paper is on the web site in his memory (documents page) www.lack-family.net/adam
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Adam's old Ford pickup license plate read, Veritas. He never got the truth printed across the U.S. but Brown's lies were printed as false truths here in Iowa where he chose to live, his home. That affected his career, and pay scale, his social life, but not his soul. In death Mitchell County authorities hid the truth about his death, by not answering supeonas and the District Judge at the scene of his being killed, refused to recuse himself or answer the 28 questions in my investigation of Adam's being killed, As Adam's Probate Administrator I had filed a Request to Prosecute Form but the Mitchell County attorney failed to respond. In the 26 pictures taken at the scene before they killed Adam, it looks like the District Judge is directing the scene. I was only given the pictures when NRCS and the polluters were trying to restrict to whom I could sell my farm. I failed as his Mom to get the Truth and sold the farm to them for 1/2 Million less than it was worth but I sold it subject to my Corps of Engineer's agreement for it's very limited drainage and the 2 NRCS CRP contracts. I lost Gary my husband and my courageous son Adam, I could not lose another child.
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I've filed an Iowa Civil Rights case 1912178. I hope to get well test reports to be able to warn the people Downstream of this particular on-going pollution plume that killed Adam's Dad and some of our neighbor's. Go to Iowacoldcases to search for Adam Lack's Mitchell County Cold Case file.
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Veronica, I just want to say I stumbled onto your story by accident and spent all night reading it with google maps open plus a mason city phone book in hand. I am appalled by the actions of these sub humans and horrified that this happened so near my home town. The parties involved are in my parents phone book for petes sake! I can't tell you how sorry I am for your loss but I can tell you that your story is not falling on deaf ears. The Truth always outlasts the shadow of lies! This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it
To MP Barke, I filed that Civil Rights suit as Anhydrous Ammonia fertilizer is showing up in well tests across Iowa and the Iowa DNR is not warning or even telling city water works or private well owners that this is an increasing problem and that it kills at the levels it hid from me in my well. Adam wanted the tests so we could check if all our expensive filters were working on our new wells water. But again the IDNR hid the Ammonia Nitrogen as (N) test results and levels are increasing with no known way to filter it effectively.
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I stumbled onto this after seeing a program on tv about the case at Brown. I saw at the end that Adam died in a car accident and wanted more information. I've read the account by Adam's mother and I am so profoundly sad for you Veronica. How did you find out about the pictures at the scene? They were not attached to the story. I am sickened at the thought that he suffered and help was not immediately summoned. Did you get the recordings from the police and fire communications through the Freedom of Information Act, or subpoena them? You are entitled to them and as a former 911 police/fire/medic dispatcher, I know this to be the case. Since this was a death investigation they should still have the records including these recordings. They would be date and time stamped. My heart just goes out to you and your family! Having been in law enforcement, I spoke to my son before he went off to college and told him that if he ever encountered a drunk woman, never, ever be left alone with her. Get her help and then leave her with the people who can assist her. I spoke to him about the perils of being a male and what women can do with false claims. It's a conversation all parents need to have with their sons. I know all the information supplied to females, but it doesn't seem common to educate our sons. I'm so very, very sorry for your loss and the way you were treated. You were up against so much! I know there is legislation pending about chemical exposure to soldiers training or stationed at Fort McClellan, AL to provide answers and care to the soldiers as they were left out of the class action suit against Monsanto where the city of Anniston, AL won a $700,000,000.00 settlement. Having gone through training there in 1981, I had to learn about this on Face book, the military has done nothing to reach out to the soldiers themselves. So I feel your pain going up against the government with the deadly exposures you are trying to shine a light on. I pray you and your family find peace and get the answers and resolution you seek.
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D. Sargent, I spoke to Adam about a different matter before he went off to college. In Iowa there was an accidental death that could have been prevented. A college student was left alone after drinking to excess in his dorm and drowned in their own vomit, I had advised Adam to never leave someone alone if their was a possibility they were drinking or could be sick. So when he went to retrieve a CD he had loaned to Peter across the hall, Adam saw vomit on the floor in Peter's room. And Sarah was lying on Peter's bed. Adam asked if she was OK and if she wanted a drink of water. He was not wanting to visit but was studying for a test the next morning. Sarah didn't look or act drunk and did not tell him about the fight with Peter where Peter had broken off their relationship. This was Adam's first time meeting her and he did not perceive her as drunk or even sick. The vomit from someone's being sick was pretty common at Brown as everyone was supposed to offer drinks to fellow students. And in Sarah's accusations months later she admits going from dorm to dorm and bumming drinks. Adam was not with her, and did not perceive her as the one who had vomited but had remembered his Mom's advice about never leaving a student alone and with vomit on Peter's floor, he had thought about my warning so they talked and he studied and she wouldn't leave, and then she came over and initiated sex. So it is hard to know what advice to give our children and I felt bad that my advice had initiated Adam's asking her if she would like a glass of water. Sarah had used Adam because she was upset about Peter breaking up with her, and Adam later felt like he had betrayed his friend by sleeping with her. Then Brown U. told us they had to make their disaplinary decisions on the endowment potential of the parents of the children involved.
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With 562 cases on the Iowa Cold Cases website, none come even close to the sheer number of corrupt individuals and officials—from the county to the state—that were involved in Adam's abhorrent murder. And, in no other case have I known such a courageous woman fighting for justice not only in her husband and son's deaths, but fighting for the many other lives Mitchell County still stands to claim. Our country is outraged over the Flint water crisis, and while it's clearly a legitimate concern, those in Mitchell County, Iowa, have manure in tap water and shower in Anhydrous Ammonia-laden water. Grass in the National Wetland got burned out by rotten, decomposing cattle flesh and bones that got into the Lack family's aquifer via sinkholes, and hormone feeding tumors put an end to raising pigs. Until Adam's murder, I couldn't fathom that a group of "officials" would actually document a several-hours-long homicide-in-progress with intermittent photos, but they served a purpose when the offenders wanted Roni's land. A county official shared the photos with her, along with six ominous words of advice: "Remember, you have five other children."
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