With respect to Lawrence Goodman's November/December article about "The Defenders," in which I was one of the lawyers featured for providing legal advice to Guantanamo detainees, I should report that on my first trip to Guantanamo, I roomed with another of the article's lawyers, Reprieve's Zach Katznelson '95, without knowing we were both Brown alums. Zach was already a veteran of many such experiences at Guantanamo, and he generously shared them with me to help a rookie learn the ropes. Because we had the same security clearance, I could pick his brain about strategy and discuss our cases, which was a wonderful asset for my Alston & Bird team.

One thing we did not discuss was our undergraduate colleges. Thus, imagine my surprise when I turned to Goodman's article and saw Zach's photo looking back at me. I knew he was a wonderful human being and a great lawyer, and now I am proud of the fact that he is a fellow alumnus. He is impressive and committed, and has had fabulous success with a population that, in its total isolation, had despaired of American concern. Good work, Zach!

Terry Walsh '65
Atlanta, Ga.