There's much that's deeply pathetic about fathermothergod: My Journey Out of Christian Science, the angry book by Lucia Greenhouse '84 ("Health Care," Arts & Culture, July/August). One's heart inevitably goes out to dysfunctional families and non-supportive children in the face of parental death. But the guilt-ridden efforts of the chain-smoking author to misrepresent Christian Science and its practice are at best dishonest and at worst patent muckraking for the purpose of making money and glorifying her own ego.

Any religion is an easy target these days to those who've dropped away. But the choices made by Greenhouse's parents were theirs to make, although they ignored the CS practice of leaving surgery "to the skillful fingers of a surgeon," utilizing painkillers, and seeking medical means if healing is not developing. The author seems to have no knowledge of these options open to Christian Scientists.

J. Denis Glover
Chatham, Mass.

The author is a former editor at the Christian Science Monitor.

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J. Denis Glover, thank you for claiming ownership of this remark, as a former editor at the Christian Science Monitor. You have posted it elsewhere on the internet anonymously. In response to your comment "The author seems to have no knowledge of these options open to Christian Scientists" I will say this: For seven months, my mother, Joanne Ewing, wife of a Christian Science Journal-listed Practitioner and Teacher (i.e. authorized by the Mother Church to train others in the "science of Christian healing") languished at Tenacre before being rushed to a hospital in a premorbid state, the victim of severe malnutrition, gaping untreated bedsores, a massive tumor in her abdomen, rampant systemic infection,etc etc. For seven months, nobody at Tenacre or anyone among the Christian Science community--not the two practitioner/teachers working on my mother's case, not the "nurses", nor the administrators--nobody-- suggested other options "open to Christian Scientists." Btw, readers may be interested to know that fifteen Christian Science care facilities across the country get Medicare reimbursements, even though no medical care is provided, nor is there government oversight, nor are any of their "health care providers" licensed, or trained, in even basic first aid.
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