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Need further evidence of Browns non-interest in the military? Look at the photo in the January/February issue depicting last falls Veterans Day ceremony held at the (small) memorial beside Soldiers Arch (Ceremony, Elms). Unless a considerable crowd stood off camera, excluding the honor guard I count twenty-one spectators. This out of a faculty and student body of several thousand. There will always be Brunoniansmen and womenwho will serve the nation in uniform. And there will always be those who cant or wont understand why. Bless em all, say I.

Ironically, though, Brown harbors its own military secret: the Anne S.K. Brown Military Collection, one of the worlds premier collections of militariana. It includes art, musical scores, original manuscripts, and more than 6,000 miniature lead solders. The collection dates from the early Renaissance to the present. It lurks on the top floor of the John Hay Library, and although scholars, undergraduates, graduate students, writers, filmmakers, and military types from around the world know and use it, the Brown communitys interest is practically nil. How do I know? Until my recent move to Utah, I was a member of its board.

J. Roy McKechnie 55

Ogden, Utah

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