I imagine that I was not alone in finding the title you gave to the film review, “When JFK Flatlined,” tasteless and inappropriate (Arts & Culture, September/October). For those of us who remember the day as a national tragedy, the use of hospital slang (whatever the setting in the film) or reference to pop culture is sophomoric and artless in its apparent inattention to the range of your particular audience. In general, I think your magazine is an excellent product, so the lapse was a rather glaring disappointment.

Walter Liedtke ’69 AM
Bedford Hills, N.Y.


Lee Harvey Oswald is the Alleged assassin of President Kennedy, and Vincent Bugliosi’s 1,600 pages of door-stop prose does not make it journalistically acceptable to drop the alleged. The BAM must hold a higher standard.

Carl Weis ’63
Elizabeth, N.J.
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