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The war on terror may be a drain on the U.S. military, but it appears to be a national recruiting boon for ROTCeven at Brown, which this year has six students participating in the Army ROTC program at Providence College. Thats up from two cadets last year and one the previous year.

Because Brown banished ROTC from campus during the Vietnam War, the cadets must study and train at Providence College (see The Cadet, May/June 2002). The tide has turned, says PCs Captain Ryan Remley, who attributes the increased interest among Brown students to a surge in patriotism associated with the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and the current military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Slow U.S. job growth and a sluggish economy have also increased financial pressures on college students, many of whom need financial aid and are eager to lock up jobs before they graduate.

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