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Back to the Future

A visit to Brown in April brought back a flood of memories for Susan Cheever 65. It wasnt really Brown University I was visiting last week, Cheever wrote in Newsday in April. It was that younger self who lived there and loved there and studied harder than I had thought possible and wrote my first real pages of prose.

Its Not the Tools, Stupid

Fancy equipment is not on the menu for Los Angeles chef and restaurant owner Suzanne Goin 88, who relies on a badly dinged chef''s knife in the kitchen. My cooks all have these fancy sets of knives, Goin told the New York Times in May, but I pretty much use this one for everything.

Asking Questions

The chance to work on the John Walker Lindh case was just the kind of high-profile prosecution that drew Jesselyn Brown Radack 92 to the U.S. Department of Justice. But after she objected to an F.B.I. interrogation of Lindh, Radack was advised to find a new job. After 9/11 it was like, anything goes in the name of terrorism, Radack, who has filed for whistle-blower protection, told the New Yorker in April.

Busting Poverty Online

Matt Meyer 94 started Ecosandals.com (see Stepping Up, The Classes, November/December 2001) to help provide economic opportunity to the residents of a shantytown on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. The sandal-making cooperative grew slowlyuntil Meyer helped the workers develop a Web site in 2001. The experience of Ecosandals.com is at the heart of the debate about howand whetherthe Internet can be used to better the lives of the worlds poorest people, Wired magazine reported in June.

The Millionaire

Most people would be overjoyed to inherit $3 million. Not Karen Pittelman 97; she felt guilty. So she set up a foundation and signed away control over her moneys distribution. My everyday work is about trying to undo the donor-as-rock-star thing, Pittelman, whose day job is teaching others about radical philanthropy, told Elle in May.

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