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Alumni Nonfiction

Lessons from the Edge by Jeff Dennis 80, Jana Matthews, and Peter Economy (Oxford).

Lillie Devereux Blake by Grace Farrell 73 Ph.D. (Massachusetts).

Mammograms & Mastectomies by Susan Farrell 72 (Acorn).

Karaoke Nation by Steve Fishman 77 (Free Press).

The Modern American Presidency by Lewis L. Gould 61 (Kansas).

Caucasus: Mountain Men and Holy Wars by Nicholas Griffin 93 (St. Martins).

Occupied Voices by Wendy Pearlman 96 (Nation Press).

Turning to Earth by F. Marina Schauffler 85 (Virginia).

Faculty Nonfiction

Fighting Fascism in Europe by Lawrence Cane, edited by Professor of Chemistry David E. Cane, Judy Barrett Litoff, and David C. Smith (Fordham).

Understanding Emerson by Professor of History Kenneth Sacks (Princeton).

Alumni Fiction

Redemption by Nancy Geary 87 (Warner).

Faculty and Alumni Poetry

The Sleep That Changed Everything by Lee Ann Brown 93 M.F.A. (Wesleyan).

New and Selected Poems by Emeritus Professor of English James Schevill (Swallow).

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