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January 6th, 2011

Our photographs and slide show at of the new Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center in Faunce House generated some interesting responses. Most readers seem delighted with the updated space: the roomy places to sit and eat and study and talk, the contemporary, light-filled decor with its classic references. Harry S. Westcott '50 noted, "My good late neighbor and lifelong friend, Norman Turner, presided over the Blue Room for many years after WWII and would be ecstatic at the new venue. Congratulations on a job well done."

Similarly, Lawrence H. Bradner '60 MAT commented: "Glad to read about the new Blue Room, which I have visited briefly. Pleased to have my memory confirmed that the Blue Room was created shortly before World War II."

But Bradner then goes on to ask the question that keeps getting asked: why isn't the Blue Room any longer blue? "If people wanted to retain the historic name," he writes, "why did they some years back change the color?????? Why not restore the blue color now?" No one seems to have a good answer, but the decisions about color were likely made by the architect, who wanted the space to be as light-filled as possible. Which leads Jim Tatman '66 to remark: "Looks like the Blue Room needs to change its name ... to the Beige Room." That one's unlikely to catch on.

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