Sixty-three entrepreneurs from the Class of 2018 raised one million or more for their startup companies, putting Brown in the Top 20 nationally, according to Crunchbase news.

Fred’s Reds

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Ken Burns,  documentary filmmaker with 16 Emmys, two Grammys, and two Oscar nominations, among other accolades.

Sheryl Brissett Chapman ’71, Exec. Director, National Center for Children & Families, for combating injustice towards kids.

John Krasinski ’01, Actor/Director, former star of The Office. His film A Quiet Place was voted one
of the best films of 2018.

David M. Rubenstein, talk show host, philanthropist, and an original signer of the Giving Pledge.

Jennifer Anne Richeson ’94, a 2006 MacArthur Genius Fellow who studies the psychology of diversity and injustice.

Joan Wernig Sorensen ’72, for her more than 45 years of service to Brown as an alumni leader and Corporation member.

E. Paul Sorensen ’71, ’75 ScM, ’77 PhD, for helping to transform engineering industries and donating his expertise to Brown.

Brown has taught us to practice disciplinary disobedience—to redirect the lines that divide one field from another and find their point of intersection. We’ve been called to cross borders; to find the humanity through the lenses of our microscopes, the communities in our codes, and the person in our politics.
—Patricia Rodarte ’19, ’23 MD, 2019 Senior Orator