Percentage of 2017 CS concentrators who worked at either Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or Facebook after graduating.

Hi-Tech Ethics

Can CS majors save the world? The founders of a student startup think so. Read More

punitive peers can sway how much others support punishment, a brown team found, with implications for how juries reach decisions

Simply adding a common organic solvent makes ac and hvac units 500% more efficient, a Brown/Tsinghua research team found

Bithionol, once used to treat equine parasites, can kill antibiotic-resistant bacteria including MRSA, a Brown/Emory/Harvard team has found 

rising college graduation rates may signal a lowering in degree standards, posits a paper circulated by the annenberg institute

People who eat lots of vitamin a from plant sources are less likely to get skin cancer, brown researchers have found

“Substance misuse is a huge problem in our culture. Everyone knows about the relationship between tobacco use and lung cancer, but there are many [such] links ... If we can reduce the burden of substance use, there will be a trickle down effect on health and health care cost savings.” —Behavioral and Social Sciences Professor Peter Monti, who’ll lead a new center that’s won $12.5M in funding to expand research at the intersection of  substance use and chronic disease