the Brown endowment’s Percentage of investments in
Fossil Fuels
.Two years ago, that percentage was 6.5,
similar to other ivies. Brown vows to Divest from REmaining
fossil fuel holdings aSAP

Stroke of Luck

How a ragtag team of club rowers from Brown almost took the national varsity championship in 1960. Read More

Analysis shows 25% of climate tweets when Trump withdrew from the Paris Accords came from bots spreading misinformation.

Brown ranks #2 among Fulbright producers, continuing a run that this year will send 38 on the research/travel grants

President Paxson’s contract has been extended early. The Corporation is entrusting Brown to her leadership through 2025.

The US is polarizing faster than other democracies, says Brown/Stanford research. Factors include racial divisions + cable news.

Tips from 2 Brown studies: learning happens faster when we fail 15% of the time; performance gains hinge on getting enough sleep.