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image of  an airplane flyingVagabond Pilot: A Journey of Discovery and Renewal
by Robert J. Young ‘70

Follow along with “Captain Bob” Young as he crosses the USA from Santa Monica to Connecticut and back in his two seater airplane. Jump into the left seat of Two Niner Lima as Bob traverses the country he thought he knew, visiting old friends, making new ones, and searching for himself in a time of unprecedented personal and national crisis. In the course of fulfilling his lifelong dream, Bog ultimately discovers the surprising truth about himself and the country he loves.

picture of a person on horsebackFinding a Way: Taking the Impossible and Making it Possible
by Siri Lindley ‘91 Foreword by Tony Robbins

Fusing memoir with self-help, Finding a Way: Taking the Impossible and Making it Possible is Siri’s life-giving guide for readers who are feeling stuck between the life they want to live and the life that they’re living now.

a window is pictured next to book title and beneath is a city scapeAn Unlasting Home: A Novel
by Mai Al-Nakib ‘04

Sara, philosophy professor at Kuwait University, is accused of blasphemy—a capital crime. Awaiting trial, she traces the lives of the women who shaped her, charting a map across the Middle East and beyond.

book cover with a pink sunsetSpanish Connections:  My Diplomatic Journey from Venezuela to Equatorial Guinea
by Mark L. Asquino ’71 ’78 PhD

This is a memoir about my diplomatic journey to Equatorial Guinea, an ill-fated, Spanish-speaking country, and how I became U.S. ambassador to Spain's only former colony in sub-Saharan Africa.

solid black cover with the book title at the topThe Observations, Rare Occurrences and Interventions by Death
by Lester Stone II ’10

Join Death as he observes, sometimes interacts, and intervenes with humanity, while witnessing their behavior, all the while discovering Death’s motivations!

misty view of a city with book title aboveBurning Distance
by Joanne Leedom-Ackerman ‘74

A modern-day Romeo and Juliet set right before the first Gulf War.  It’s a journey through family secrets and competing loyalties, contemporary history and the dark world of arms trafficking.

cover shows pictures of Honduran citizensExtracting Honduras: Resource Exploitation, Displacement, and Forced Migration
by James J. Phillips '72 AM, '76 PhD

Beyond the often cited reasons for migration, Phillips provides a detailed account of how the frenzied extraction of natural resources has created massive community displacement, poverty, and vulnerability, while encouraging corruption, violence, militarization, repression of protest, and emigration.

the cover shows an image of MarsCratertown
by Hal Barwood ‘63

The only town on Mars is populated by religious enthusiasts. When an agent arrives to investigate a murder he upends their fragile society, even as he grows to love the habitat and its brave citizens.

image of a pill on a blue backgroundThe Brill Pill
by Akemi C. Brodsky  ‘08

In this near-future speculative novel scientist William Dalal works with brain regeneration patients, trying to fix what is broken. But his research takes a darker turn when he begins doubting their humanity.



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Fresh Ink for June–August 2023

By Edward Hardy

Up With the Sun by Thomas Mallon ’73 (Knopf)

In his eleventh novel, Mallon throws a spotlight on the faintly known show-biz world of Dick Kallman, a real-life, hustling Broadway and television actor, whose career seemed set to sparkle in the 1950s and 1960s—but by the time of his murder in 1980 he was selling antiques...

Bootstrapped: Liberating Ourselves from the American Dreamby Alissa Quart ’94 (Ecco)

Nobody actually pulls themselves up by the bootstraps. That’s the premise of Quart’s persuasively reported new book, one that works to unravel the myth of self-reliance woven into American culture for centuries. Quart (Squeezed) is a journalist, poet, and executive director of the Economic Hardship...

Drinking Games: A Memoirby Sarah Levy ’12 (St. Martin’s Press)

Her first blackout came at a house party near her home in New Jersey when she was 16. For years afterward, through Brown and a move to Brooklyn, the blackouts became more frequent and the drinking began to feel impossible to stop. Then a week after...

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Fresh Ink for April–May 2023

by Edward Hardy

Sirens & Muses by Antonia Angress ’13 (Random House)

It’s 2011, the recession is hanging on, and both Occupy Wall Street and much intrigue are boiling at the fictional Wrynn College of Art, somewhere in New England. Louisa Arceneaux has just transferred from Louisiana on a scholarship and is drawn to her roommate Karina Piontek, the...

Which Side Are You On by Ryan Lee Wong ’10 (Catapult)

Reed, a 21-year-old Columbia student, is getting picked up at LAX by his irreverent mom before heading off to visit his Korean grandmother in the hospital. Reed is on academic probation and plans to drop out to become a Black Lives Matter activist. His painfully...

Lifelines: The Traffic of Trauma by Harris Solomon ’07 AM, ’11 PhD (Duke Univ. Press)

Solomon, a professor of cultural anthropology and global health at Duke, spent time in one of Mumbai’s major public hospitals tracking the range of outcomes after someone was involved in a traumatic traffic or train accident. In part the book is an...

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Fresh Ink for January–March 2023

By Edward Hardy

The Tuskegee Student Uprising: A Historyby Brian Jones ’95 (NYU Press)

On April 6, 1968, two days after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., hundreds of Tuskegee Institute students briefly held the school’s Board of Trustees hostage, demanding changes that would turn Tuskegee into a “Black university.” The move brought 300 National...

Questions from Outer Spaceby Diane Thiel ’88, ’90 MFA (Red Hen Press)

Thiel’s third full-length poetry collection, and her twelfth book, arrives bristling with navigable strangeness and open-ended questions. The 67 sometimes otherworldly poems here weave through biology, parenting, the pandemic, world travel, life on Zoom, growing up in the South, the multiverse, and...

The Other Motherby Rachel M. Harper ’94 (Counterpoint)

It’s 2015, and on his first day at Brown Jenry Castillo stares up at the Carrie Tower, wondering if the long-stalled clock still worked when his mother Marisa was a student. A gifted pianist from Miami, Jenry is on a quest to learn about his father, Jasper Patterson,...