Class Notes - Medical School

Sep, 2018

John Sheppard ’78 MD, Jon Dehn ’77 ScM, Solomon Picciotto, and Rich Radice ’76 reunited for a benefit rock concert in Cape Charles, Va., on July 14 to raise awareness for organ donation and target research funding for the Eye Bank Association of America.

Jul, 2018

Richard Ellenbogen ’83 MD (see ’80).


Jul, 2018

Grace Cheung ’08 MD married Thomas Yu in Cape May, N.J. In attendance were Eugene Cha; Michael Chang ’02; Junarm Choi ’98, ’03 ScM; Melissa Choi ’09 MD; Teddy Youn ’02, ’09 MD; and John Kim ’01. Grace works as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s digital director, and Tom is an outpatient pharmacy manager at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago.

Jul, 2018

Richard Ellenbogen’s ’83 MD daughter Rachel L. Ellenbogen ’11, ’18 MD, graduated this year.


Jul, 2018

Shawn Sunil Verma ’18 MD graduated from Brown University’s Warren Alpert Medical School on the same weekend as his fifth-year undergraduate reunion. Shawn will head back home to upstate New York to begin his psychiatry clinical residency training. Outside of medicine, he stays interested in environmentalism and the proposed link between a greater mental orientation toward ​eco-psychology and novel psychedelic therapeutics. He has enjoyed pursuing good health through fitness, especially playing squash. He had the good fortune of spending five weeks in Hawaii this past January and February doing a medical school rotation at the Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu and in his free time exploring Hawaii.

May, 2018

Stuart Merl ’78 MD retired in January. “I admit I am a casualty of the epic electronic medical record. On the other hand, retirement is great. I have more time for visiting family, other travel, hobbies, and house maintenance chores. Pamela Guise Merl and I are still married, with seven grandchildren.”

May, 2018

Stuart Merl ’78 MD (see ’75).

Apr, 2018

Kimberly Dickinson ’14 MPH, ’14 MD, and Ross Beckman ’13 MD announce their Aug. 26 wedding at the Evergreen Museum and Library in Baltimore. Anabel Agloro, Rebecca Binder, Emily Eng, Heather Jones ’14 MD, Rachel Marano ’14 MD, Emma Reitman, and Leona Rosenblum were bridesmaids. Chris Mardy, Adam Margolius, Will Packer, Aaron Small, Brett Weinstock, and Ben Wolpaw were groomsmen. Other alumni in attendance included Neishay Ayub ’14 MD, Jeff Bayne, Ellen Loudermilk Cone ’10, Eugene Cone ’13 MD, Brad Cotter ’13 MD, Paul Cotter, Josh Drago, Julia Goldner ’11, Mark Hepokoski ’13, Shreyus Kulkarni ’14 MD, Ijeoma Njaka, Laura Mercurio Ouellette ’14 MD, James Simmons ’13 MD, Shannon Oppenheim Simmons ’09,’13 MD, Devin Smith ’13 MD, Pamela Escobar Smith ’13 MD, Ina Soh ’13 MD, Adam Vasconcellos ’07, ’11 MD, Mansi Vasconcellos ’10,’14 MD, and Lauren Vitkus. The couple works at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where Kimberly is a pediatric pulmonary fellow and Ross is completing his residency in general surgery.

Apr, 2018

Alisha Lakhani ’14 MD and Nilay Patel ’12 MD announce their Oct. 7 wedding in Newport, R.I. Alisha is a first-year rheumatology fellow at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Mass, and Nilay is a chief medical resident at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Nilay will complete his cardiology fellowship at MGH in 2019. More than 50 Brown and Brown medicine alums were in attendance at the celebration.

Apr, 2018

Michael Zahalsky ’98 MMSc,’99 MD writes: “I was on season 35 of Survivor, which ended on Dec. 20!”

Apr, 2018

Navin Singh ’93 MD writes: “I am overjoyed to announce that soon I will be marrying Stephanie Kauffman (Flagler College ’08).”

Apr, 2018

Gary Neidich ’78 MD is section head for pediatric gastroenterology at the Univ. of South Dakota and the recipient of two awards from the Sanford School of Medicine: the Department of Pediatrics Master Clinician Award and the Sanford School of Medicine Class of 1983 Annual Award for Excellence in Teaching and Service to the School of Medicine.

Apr, 2018

Glenn Mitchell ’69 ScM, ’75 MD writes: “I finally received the 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol promised. My recent TED talk is now on YouTube. It is about the positive direction in which clinical medicine is hopefully headed in the near future. I failed at retirement and now I am professor and chair of healthcare informatics at Harrisburg Univ. of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania. I’d be happy to have your comments.”

Apr, 2018
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From the January/February 2018 Issue

Jon Gell ’75 MD (see Bob Frantz ’08).

Mary Frates ’85 MD (see John Parziale ’79).

John Anastasatos ’96 MD (see ’92).

David Bercovici ’10 MD (see Annalise Van Meurs ’14, ’18 MD).

Allison Kay ’15 MD (see Nadine Pardee ’10).

Eduardo Garza ’18 MD, Natalie Hall ’18 MD, Rebecca Himmelwright ’18 MD, Aaron Shapiro ’18 MD (see Annalise Van Meurs ’14,
’18 MD).

Annalise Van Meurs ’18 MD (see’14).

Sarah Dominguez ’19 MD (see Annalise Van Meurs ’14, ’18 MD).


From the November/December 2017 Issue 

Jeffrey Green ’91 MD (see ’88).

Debbie Brooks ’12 MD and Christine Chen ’12 MD (see Robb Hughes ’08).

From the September/October 2017 Issue

Paul Broomfield ’78 MD (see Iris Wolf Broomfield ’77).

Scott Haltzman ’85 MD (see ’82).

Rudrani Banik ’97 MD (see ’93).

Marie Audett ’09 MD (see ’05).

Jimmy Rotenberg ’13 MD (see Allison Bernstein ’09).

Dana Scott ’13 MD (see Allison Benstein ’09).

Tayler Schwartz ’17 MD (see Ryo Tulman ’13).

From the July/August 2017 Issue

Chad Brecher ’98 MD (see Chad Brecher ’94).

Stephen Hendriksen ’13 MD (see Sara C. Emmenecker ’04, ’11 AM).

From the May/June 2017 Issue

Stephanie Horn Richling ’01 MD (see Sally Kusnitz Horn ’68).

From the March/April 2017 Issue

Mark Nunlist ’80 MD (see ’70).

Renu Mansukhani ’95 MD (see ’91). 

From the January/February 2017 Issue

Claudia Gruss ’77 MD (see Eric B. Einstein ’73).

From the November/December 2016 Issue

Jill Hoprasart ’00 MD (see Gregg Schaufeld ’96).

Stacey Weinstein ’10 MD (see Allison Lombardo ’05). 

From the September/October 2016 Issue

Steve Gottlieb ’81 MD (see Amy Davidoff ’79).

Courtney Olson-Chen ’10 MD (see Kevin Hui ’07).

Kevin Hui ’13 MD and Justin Jihoon Yoon ’13 MD  (see Kevin Hui ’07).

Anna Hsu Chon ’14 MD (see Kevin Hui ’07).  

From the July/August 2016 Issue

Preston C. Calvert ’79 MD (see ’76). 

From the May/June 2016 Issue

Glenn Mitchell ’75 MD (see Brian Murphy ’67).

Andy Feldman ’91 MD (see Caryl-Ann Miller Neiforth ’59).

David Washington ’11 MD (see Emma Welch ’07).

Jay Levin ’12 MD  (see ’08). 

From the March/April 2016 Issue

Julie Roth ’04 MD (see ’99).

Stacey Weinstein ’10 MD (see Lizzy Klein ’05).

Benjamin Brown ’12 MD and Lawren Wellisch ’12 MD (see Blythe Crane ’08). 

From the January/February 2016 Issue

Andrew Berke ’79 MD (see Caren Lee Caplan ’03).

Jonathan Lee ’03 MD (see Caren Lee Caplan ’03).

Cristina Pacheco ’04 MD and John Kawaoka ’04 MD (see David Pacheco ’07).

David Beckoff ’08 AM (see Renée Ahlers ’09).

Geraldine Abbey-Mensah ’10 MD (see Emily McElveen ’04).

Emily McElveen ’10 MD (see ’04).

Lloydia Reynolds ’10 MD (see Emily McElveen ’04).

Jay Levin ’12 MD (see Renée Ahlers ’09).

Jasmine Bauknight ’13 MD (see Emily McElveen ’04).

Brenna Brucker ’13 MD (see Renée Ahlers ’09).

Ariana Raufi ’14 MD (see Jessica Gorkin ’08). 

From the November/December 2015 Issue

Yul Ejnes ’85 MD (see Anne Edwards Ejnes ’83).

Jyothi Nagraj Marbin ’06 MD (see ’96).

Jessica Zerillo ’09 MD (see ’05).

Jay Levin ’12 MD (see Sara Epstein ’08).

Jen Nykiel ’14 MD (see Cathy Mardula ’12).

From the May/June 2015 Issue

Glen Mitchell ’75 MD (see Sidney E. Okashige ’67).

Eduardo Garza ’17 MD (see Araceli Mendez ’12).

From the March/April 2015 Issue

Moses Goddard ’79 MD and Joan Citrin Goddard ’79 MD (see Elizabeth Robertson Laytin ’76).

Peter Hollmann ’79 MD (see Eric Nissley ’76).

Reynold Trowers ’79 MD (see Skye Dent ’76).

Quyen D. Chu ’94 MD announces the publication of his new textbook, Surgical Oncology: A Practical and Comprehensive Approach, a valuable resource for medical students, surgical oncology fellows, general surgeons, and educators. It is available from Amazon and Springer.

Kavita Parikh-Agrawal ’00 MD is an assistant professor of pediatrics at the George Washington School of Medicine and works as a pediatric hospitalist at Children’s National Medical Center. She has an interest in value-driven health-care by improving evidence-based practice to reduce unwarranted variation. Ten months ago, the Obama administration appointed her husband, Shantanu Agrawal ’98 MD, deputy administrator at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and director of the Center for Program Integrity. She writes: “For a political appointee in this exciting time of health-care reform, this is an incredibly inspiring and challenging opportunity. We have two rambunctious daughters and live in the Washington, D.C., area.”

Ainsley MacLean ’05 MD (see Adam Leventhal ’01).

From the January/February 2015 Issue

Es Rolnick Nash ’81 MD (see ’78).

Sara Newmann ’99 MD (see Douglas Sovern ’82).

Cameron Lang ’14 MD (see Fraser Lang ’67).    

From the November/December 2014 Issue

Jason Lambrese ’10 MD (see ’06).

Jackie Hatch ’10 MD, Joanna MacLean ’10 MD, Ronen Stein ’10 MD, Mary Beth Sutter ’10 MD, and Andrea Lach Dean ’11 MD (see Jason Lambrese ’06).     

From the September/October 2014 Issue

Deborah Gutman ’99 MD (see ’93).

John Montgomery ’93 MD (see ’83).

Anish Sheth ’01 MD (see Josh Richman ’97).

Miyako Igari ’12 MD (see Stephen Ting ’07).

Ann Kuo ’12 MD (see Stephen Ting ’07.    

From the July/August 2014 Issue

Geoff Berg ’75 MD (see Suzanne Welles ’99).

Nora Burgess ’77 MD (see ’74).

Elizabeth Naylor ’08 MD (see Ilana Ruff ’04).

Andrea Batchelor ’13 MD (see ’09).

From the May/June 2014 Issue

Steven Feinsilver ’77 MD (see ’74).

Reynold Trowers ’79 MD (see Phillis Skye Dent ’76).

John P. Keats ’78 MD (see ’75).

Sara Newmann ’99 MD (see Douglas Sovern ’82).

Alysia D. Turner Townsend ’01 MD (see ’97).    


From the March/April 2014 Issue

Anthony Caldamone ’75 MD (see Michaela Corrente ’09).

Arnold Sarazen ’87 MD (see ’83).


From the January/February 2014 Issue

Anthony Caldamone ’75 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Michaela Corrente ’09).

Alan T. Kaell ’78 MD (see ’75).

Roberta de Regt ’79 MD (see ’76).

Jackie French ’82 MD (see Keith Glassman ’76).

Andrew Feldman ’91 MD (see Beatrice Wattman Miller ’35).

Margaret A. Kelley ’98 MD (see ’94).     

From the November/December 2013 Issue

Helen Chen ’89 MD (see ’85).

Monique Anawis ’90 MD (see ’85).

Lily Pike ’12 MD (see p. 53, Engagements & Weddings, Abigail B. Littlefield ’06).

From the September/October 2013 Issue

H. Wayne Carver II ’77 MD (see ’74).

Susan Hyman ’79 MD (See ’76).

Sally Satel ’84 MD, along with Scott O. Lilienfield, published Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Neuroscience, in June.

Myechia Minter-Jordan ’98 MD (see ’94).     

From the May/June 2013 Issue

Shahida Farooqi ’07 MD (See Engagements & Weddings, J. Nicholas Moy ’02).

Lauren Geller ’07 MD and Cameron McClure ’07 MD (See Engagements & Weddings, Henry Parkin ’03).

Sarah Wakeman ’09 MD (See Engagements & Weddings, Susan Keane ’05).  

From the March/April 2013 Issue

Michael Perskin ’86 MD (See ’83).

Andrew R. Kalinsky ’99 MD (See Engagements & Weddings ’95).

John Kawaoka ’04 MD and Christina Pacheco Kawaoka ’04 MD (See Engagements & Weddings, Erica DeRosa ’00).

Makini Chisolm-Straker ’09 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Danny Neghassi ’05).

Benjamin Schnapp ’11 MD (See Engagements & Weddings, Margot Lawton ’07). 

From the January/February 2013 Issue

John Egelhofer ’77 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Kathryn Egelhofer ’06).

Andrew Berke ’79 MD (see Births & Adoptions, Caren Lee Caplan ’03).

Rob Sokolic ’96 MD (see ’91).

Yvonne Mark ’97 MD (see Rob Sokolic ’91).

Srihari Naidu ’97 MD (see ’93).

Jonathan H. Lee ’03 MD (see Births & Adoptions, Caren Lee Caplan ’03).

Sam Andorsky ’05 MD (see Births & Adoptions, Rachel Siegal ’00).

Benjamin Mathis ’08 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Helene Strauss ’05).  

From the November/December 2012 Issue

Jim Revkin ’81 MD (see Amelia Stern Revkin ’53).

Brian Medeiros ’93 MD and Carroll Arrindell Medieros ’93 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Sean McLeod ’88).

Jyothi Nagraj Marbin ’06 MD (see Seth Marbin ’05).

Jon Greer ’08 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Christina Masson ’04).

Hannah Watson ’12 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Erik Resly ’08).     

From the September/October 2012 Issue

Mary Ellen Davies Fisher and Don Fisher ’88 PhD write that their older daughter, Jessica, is a freshman at Brown this fall. “It’ll be fun to see campus after so long.”

Robert Meguid ’02 MD (see ’97).

From the July/August 2012 Issue

Christopher D’Arcy ’96 MD and Victoria Geronimo Reyes D’Arcy ’96 MD (see Victoria Geronimo Reyes D’Arcy ’92).

Andrea Anderson ’00 MD (see Engagements & Weddings ’96).

Jeannie Yang Chun ’00 MD, Nana Tchabo Desbordes ’00 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Andrea Anderson ’96).

Michelle Ferdinand Liu ’01 MD, Adrienne Phillips ’01 MD, Cathia Rene ’01 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Andrea Anderson’96).

Beverly Johnson-McCormick ’06 MD (see Births & Adoptions ’01).

Shani Belgrave ’07 MD (see Engagements & Weddings ’03).  

From the May/June 2012 Issue

David Snyder ’75 MD (see Births & Adoptions, Cara Zeldis Snyder ’04).

Alysia Turner Townsend ’01 MD (see Births & Adoptions ’96).

Elizabeth Casiano ’04 MD, Rupali Kotwal Doshi ’04 MD, Sapna Jain ’04 MD, Andrea Jue ’04, Tejas Raval ’04 MD, Marie Sanakaran Raval ’04 MD, and Pari Shah ’04 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Sapna Jain ’00).

Nina Mirchandani Desai ’05 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Sapna Jain ’00).

Ainsley MacLean Helman ’05 MD (see Births & Adoptions ’01).

Jyothi Nagraj Marbin ’06 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Caitlin Thompson ’97).

Shani Belgrave ’07 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Pamela Bernard ’03).

Isis Burgos-Chapman ’09 MD; Jason Ferreira ’09 MD; Caitlin Hansen ’09 MD; Hana Kwan ’09 MD; Jessica Zerillo ’09 MD; Carly Seidman ’11 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Jessica Zerillo ’05).

From the January/February 2012 Issue

Arthur Horwich '75 MD (see '73).

Marty DeFrancesco '79 MD (see Carolyn Kozuch DeFrancesco '81).

Gretchen Green '00 MD (see '96).

Sarah Babineau '02 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Timna Onigman '98).

Eric Huang '05 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Hansen Law '00).

Charles Chan '01, '06 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Peter Chai '06).

Surena Namdari '07 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Gabrielle Johnson '03).

Peter Chai '10 MD, Lauren De Leon '10 MD, Yvonne Wang '11 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Peter Chai '06).

From the November/December 2011 Issue

Julianne Yue-Ching Ip '78 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Tina Charest '07).

Marina Catallozzi '96 MD and Robert Grossberg '96 MD (see Births & Adoptions, '92).

Tony Charuvastra '02 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Stephen Miller '97).

Elizabeth Casiano '04 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Thuy Anh Le '00).

Jackie Hatch '10 MD and Ronen Stein '10 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Heidi Wilder '06).

Clifford Meyers '10 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Linda Chernak '08 ScM, '11 PhD).

Armando Bedoya '11 MD; Tina Charest'11 MD; Nedim Durakovic '11 MD; James Enos '11 MD; Amanda Jacobson '11 MD; Albert Lin '11 MD; Dominique Malacarne'11 MD; Eric Mao '11 MD; Ross Martini '11 MD; Sagar Patel '11 MD; Ben Schnapp '11 MD; Raymond Serrano '11 MD; Brenna Sullivan '11 MD; Adam Vasconcellos '11 MD; Patrick Worth '11 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Tina Charest '07).

Heidi Wilder '11 MD; Alicja Kreczko '11 MD; Laura Grimmer '11 MD; Monica Kaitz '11 MD; Erin Kelly '11 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Heidi Wilder '06

From the September/October 2011 Issue

Joel Scheraga '81 MD (See '76).

Nadine Cartwright-Lowe '85 MD (see Engagements &Weddings, Veronica Lowe '10).

William Ankenbrandt '90 MD (see '87).

Jason Deutsch '90 MD (see William Ankenbrandt '87).

Yeva Johnson '90 MD (see William Ankenbrandt '87).

Navin Singh '93 MD (see Births & Adoptions '90).

Clifford W. Meyers '10 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Linda Chernak '08 ScM).

Bharati Kalasapudi '11 MD, Ajar Kochar '11 MD, Diana Moke '11 MD (see Charu Gupta '07).

From the July/August 2011 Issue

Rick Browning '78 MD (see Bradley Brockmann '76).

Dexter L. Campinha-Bacote '82 MD is living in Cincinnati and working as a medical director for Aetna. His wife, Josepha, is a transcultural health care consultant; son Avonte is an attorney; son Darius is working on his psychology degree; and daughter Nia was accepted to the Brown class of 2015.

Alexes Hazen '96 MD (see '87).

Wendy Lin '98 MD (see Births & Adoptions '94).

Tyler Berzin '03 MD and Jonathan Lee '03 MD (see Births & Adoptions, Lourdes Aleman '99).

Ainsley MacLean Helman '05 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Atiya Ali '01).

From the May/June 2011 Issue

Anthony Bruzzese '80 MD, Thomas DeNucci '80 MD, and Kenneth Morrissey '80 MD, (see Alec and Jessica Galante O'Neill '03).

Karen Daigle '85 MD (see '82).

Salvatore Loporchio '85 MD (see Alec and Jessica Galante O'Neill '03).

John Delhagen '92 MD (see Larry Delhagen '58).

Christine Combs '06 MD, Vincent Capaldi '07 MD, Sarah DeNucci '07 MD, Omar Hyder '07 MD, Syed Latif '08 MD, and Evan Leventhal '11 MD (see Alec and Jessica Galante O'Neill '03).

From the March/April 2011 Issue

Laura Cheever '90 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Deirdre Schwiesow '89).

Roy Kao '07 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Esther Lee).

Neal Desai '09 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Zandra Kambysellis).

From the January/February 2011 Issue

Frederick Fish '79 MD and Steven Pavlakis '79 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Alexandra Pavlakis '05).

Lisa Humphrey Fish '81 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Alexandra Pavlakis '05).

John Delhagen '92 MD (see Larry Delhagen '58).

John Ly '08 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Jonathan Bortinger '04).

Jessica Zerillo '09 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Alida Kinney McGlone '05).

Zac Ginsberg '10 MD and David Merino '10 MD (see Engagements & Weddings, Laura Janneck '05).

From the July/August 2010 Issue

Danielle Viets Leighton '97 MD and her husband, Mike, announce the Jan. 23 birth of their son, Samuel. They have been living in Saint Cloud, Minn., where Danielle is an interventional radiologist.

From the May/June 2010 Issue

Allen S. Goldman '51 MD (see '53 ScM).

Richard Kagen '76 MD and Valerie Stevens '76 write that their daughter, Melissa Kagen '09, will be getting a master's in humanities at the Univ. of Chicago in June 2010.

Sally Olver Sondergaard '76 MD (see Neal Sondergaard '77 ScM).

Susan L. Hyman '79 MD (see Susan L. Hyman '76).

Carol Bocaccino Kelly '79 MD (see'76).

Eva K. Pressman '84 MD is a professor of obstetrics and gynecology as well as the director of maternal fetal medicine at the Univ. of Rochester. She also enjoys being the Rochester area chair for Brown interviews.

Michael Rossi '84 MD (see '81).

Yul Ejnes '85 MD (see '82).

Joshua Markowitz '04 MD (see '99).

Christine Montross '06 MD, '07 MMS was one of three R.I. writers to receive a MacColl Johnson Fellowship.

Marisa Kastoff Blitstein '07 MD (see Jamie Martin-McNaughton'03).

Sonia Aneja '09 MD (see'04).

Marie Audett '09 MD, Jessica Chan '09 MD, Rajeev Chaudhry '09 MD, Anthony DelSignore '09 MD, Anne Kemble '09 MD, Rajiv Kumar '11 MD. Carmelle Romain '09 MD, John Rommel '09 MD, Anil Taner '09 MD, Marcella Villa '09 MD, Clifford Voigt '09 MD (see Sonia Aneja '04).

Jonah Cohen '10 MD, Connie Lee '10 MD (see Sonia Aneja '04).


From the March/April 2010 Issue

Corey Robertson '95 MD (see '91).

Joy Somberg '04 MD (see Shawn Zeller '00).

Ainsley Maclean Helman '05 MD (see Courtney Brown '01).

Sarah Squire '06 MD (see Kate Grossman '02).

Joshua Gepner '08 MD (see Laura Flink Epstein'04).

From the January/February 2010 Issue

Mitchell Driesman '77 MD (see '74 and Hilary Farrell '05).

Harold K. Gever'78 MD (see '75).

Shelley Kaplan Driesman '80 MD (see Hilary Farrell '05).

John Bassi '94 MD (see Kamau Karanja '90).

Kamau Karanja '94 MD (see '90).

Stina Wedlock '95 MD (see Jane Sharp '91).

Parvez Sultan '99 MD is a cardiothoracic surgeon practicing in Birmingham, Ala. Parvez married Farah Sultan, and they have two children, Sameer, 7, and Sophie, 4.

Kevin Ishioka '04 MD (see Steven Chan '00).

Steven Chan '04 MD, Andrew Wu '04 MD, and John Kim '05 MD (see Steven Chan '00).

Ainsley MacLean '05 MD (see Alyssa R. Letourneau '01).

Andy Beck '06 MD (see Roy W. Beck '74).

Vanessa Toney Bobb '06 MD (see Daniel Warren '06 PhD).

Stan Pelosi '06 MD (see Sam Snead '00).

Cyrus Yau '06 MD and Jae Lim '07 MD (see Steven Chan '00).

Reynaldo Gomez '08 MD (see Sam Snead '00).

Elizabeth Thompson Naylor '08 MD (see Laura Martin '04).

Jeffrey Liu '09 MD (see Hilary Farrell '05).


From the November/December 2009 Issue

Wayne Trotter '86 MD (see Jennifer Rideout Trotter '86).

Daniel LaMont '91 MD writes that his wife, Tamara Fogarty '01 MD, was given the 2008-09 Volunteer Clinical Faculty of the Year award by the internal medicine department at Harbor UCLA Medical Center.

Srihari Naidu '97 MD (see '93).

Adda Winkes '98 MD (see Adda Winkes '94).

Sara Newmann '99 MD (see Douglas Sovern '82).

Pranay Parikh '03 MD (see Elizabeth Schoenfeld '01).

Steven Chan '04 MD (see'00).

Kevin Ishioka '04 MD and Andrew Wu '04 MD (see Steven Chan '00).

Tejas Raval '04 MD and Marie Sankaran Raval '04 MD (see Tejas Raval '00).

John Kim '05 MD (see Steven Chan '00).

Elizabeth Schoenfeld '05 MD (see Elizabeth Schoenfeld '01).

Bobby Villareal '05 MD (see Richie Mormile '02).

Cyrus Yau '06 MD (see Steven Chan '00).

Jae Lim '07 MD (see Steven Chan '00).

From the September/October 2009 Issue

Robert Weinberg '78 MD (see Eugene Weinberg '51).

Margriet van Achterberg '97 MD (see Ariel Sabar '93).

Leah Scherzer '06 MD (see '02).

Dorkina Myrick '01 PhD married Terrill Tops ('00 MD, Univ. of Rochester) on Aug. 4, 2007. Dorkina is a medical officer and pathologist at the National Institutes of Health, and her new husband is a pathologist, medical examiner, and major in the U.S. Air Force, stationed at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Rockville, Md., and Dover, Del. The couple was recently profiled in Career Magazine on the Science Careers website at

Neel Shah '09 MD (see '04).

From the July/August 2009 Issue

Stephen Sullivan '67 MD, '69 MMSc still practices ophthalmology, is married, and has four sons and four grandchildren.

Glenn Mitchell '75 MD (see '67).

Alan Cole '76 MD (see Jonathan and Lisa Cole Olin '99).

Frederick Fish '79 MD (see '76).

Lisa Humphrey Fish '81 MD (see Frederick Fish 76).

William Ankenbrandt '90 MD (see '87).

Calvin Lee '93, '97 MD (see Tammy Wu '93, '97 MD).

Wendy Wan-Sir Lin '98 MD (see '94).

Taraneh Shirazian '03 MD (see '99).

Robert Bercovitch'04 MD (see Rhana Ishimoto '00).

Michael Garvey '04 MD (see Rhana Ishimoto '00).

Carla Chibweshi'05 MD (see Rhana Ishimoto '00).

From the May/June 2009 Issue

Robert Bigler '77 MD (see Lynda Ivey Bigler '74).

Lisa Miller '85 MD (see Amanda Hopkins Tirrell '82).

Yeuen Kim '96 MD (see '92).

Wendy Wan-sir Lin '98 MD (see '94).

Kavita Babu '00 MD (see '96).

James Carroll '06 MD (see Kavita Babu '96).

Mithun Nallari '07 MD and Darpun Dhawan Sachdev '07 MD (see Priya Pradhan '02).


From the March/April 2009 Issue

Anthony J. Lombardi Jr. '93 MD (see '89).

Amit Joshi '01 MD (see Nikki Sanghera Ariaratnam '00).

Abram Mozes '02 MD (see '98).

Nikki Sanghera Ariaratnam '04 MD (see '00).

John Kawaoka '04 MD, Cristy Pacheco '04 MD (see Jennie Kerson '00).

Parag Butala '06 MD (see Kayla Monzack '03).

Pebble Kranz '07 MD (see Joshua Rosenstock '96).

From the January/February 2009 Issue

Steven Flood '77 MD (see Julie Flood Obbagy '03).

Roberta Haynes de Regt '79 MD (see Mark de Regt '74).

Daniel S. Harrop '79 MD (see '76).

Michael Migliori '82 MD (see '79).

John M. Montgomery '93 MD (see '83).

Alison Monds Ward '93 MD (see '85).

Frank Chen '94 MD (see Brad Small '90).

Rex Chiu '94 MD (see '89).

Keri Davidson Lawrence '98 MD (see '94).

Julie Shih '99 MD (see Beth Dunfey '95).

Robert Meguid '02 MD (see '97).

Rachael Fox Grace '03 MD (see Mark Jaffe '96).

Kara Chew '05 MD (see Melissa Sontag '01).

Shayan Shirazian '05 MD (see Megumi Shimizu '01).

Katja Goldflam '06 MD see (Emi Iwatani '02).

Sarah DeNucci '07 MD and Omar Hyder '07 MD (see Matthew Salzler '02).

Janet Shu '07 MD (see Mary Holt Pustejovsky '02).

Siri Daulaire '08 MD (see Jeffrey Headd '03).

From the September/October 2008 Issue

Preston C. Calvert '79 MD (see '76).

Michael W. Cropp '79 MD (see Preston C. Calvert '76).

Mark Nunlist '80 MD (see Jean Bruce Cummings '40).

Susan G. Kornstein '83 MD (see '80).

Carol Kessler '87 MD (see '83).

Navin K. Singh '93 MD (see '90).

Wendy Wan-Sir Lin '98 MD, Tony Ahn '98 MD, Carla Janzen '98 MD, Darissa Kon '98 MD, Patricia Poitevien-LeBlanc '98 MD, Myechia Minter-Jordan '98 MD (see Wendy Wan-Sir Lin '94).

Linda Huffer '99 MD, Andy Shen '99 MD (see Wendy Wan-Sir Lin '94).

Andy Hsu '01 MD (see Wendy Wan-Sir Lin '94).

Rory Priester '02 MD (see Robert Meguid '97).

Ethelind Cheng '03 MD (see Wendy Wan-Sir Lin '94).

Giridhar Mallya '03 MD (see Animesh Sabnis '99).

Brad Maron '03 MD (see Mark Zonfrillo '99).

Mark Slidell '03 MD (see Robert Meguid '97).

Mark Zonfrillo '03 MD (see '99).

Rupali Doshi '04 MD (see Animesh Sabnis '99).

Tonslyn Toure-Auguste MD '05 (see Beverly Johnson '01).

Beverly Johnson '06 MD (see '01). Tonslyn Toure-Auguste MD

Ido Preis '07 MD (see Daniel Mermel '03).

From the July/August 2008 Issue

Eli Avila'86 MD ( see Jaime R. Sanchez '81).

Elizabeth Freedman '96 MD (see '92).

Melisa Lai Becker '99 MD (see '94).

Joel Park '00 MD (see '88).

Cameo Cozart-Chance '01 MD (see '97).

Sumona Saha '02 MD (see '98).

Adrienne Tsai Kung '03 MD (see '99).

John Christopher Kawaoka '04 MD (see Susan Antonio Pacheco '72).

Cristina Antonio Pacheco '04 MD (see Susan Antonio Pacheco '72).

Hilary Smith'06 MD (see Elizabeth Simson '01).

Jared Jagdeo '07 MD (see '02).

From the May/June 2008 Issue

Daniel S. Harrop '79 MD (see '76).

Chris D'Arcy '92, '96 MD (see Neil McGaraghan '91).

Andrea Anderson '00 MD (see '96).

Lisa Menard Manlove '00 MD (see Andrea Anderson '96).

Jeannie Yang '00 MD (see Andrea Anderson '96).

Michelle Ferdinand Liu '01 MD (see Andrea Anderson '96).

Jonathan Lee '03 MD (see Caren Lee Caplan '03).

Matt O'Brien '04 MD (see '99).

Josh Markowitz '04 MD (see '99).

Beverly Johnson '06 MD (see '01).

From the March/April 2008 Issue

David Snyder '75 MD (see Cara Zeldis '04).

Robert Weinberg '78 MD (see Eugene Weinberg '51).

Lloyd Minor '82 MD (see Meena Seshamani '98).

Michael Ragosta '85 MD writes: "Kiyoko Asao Ragosta '85 MD and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage in April. Our oldest son, Nick, is considering Brown, but prefers Dartmouth. We hope one of our three will attend Brown! If ever in Virginia, please look us up."

Robert Sokolic '96 MD and Yvonne Mark '97 MD (see Yvonne Mark '92).

Leo Kobayashi '98 MD, Sonia Soo-Jin Chung '98 MD, Tira Bunyaviroch '99 MD, Karen Hyun Jung Kim '99 MD, and Kavita Babu '00 MD (see Leo Kobayashi '94).

David Hou '00 MD (see Joe Hou '98).

Michael Klein '00 MD (see '96).

Rita Bapat Ghai (see Meena Seshamani '98).

Joe Hou '02 MD, Rashmi Licht '02 MD, David Poch '02 MD, and Brinda Thimmappa '02 MD (see Joe Hou '98).

Deepica Ganta Reddy '02 MD (see '98).

Geeta Subramaniam '02 MD (see '98).

Edwin Cadet '03 MD and Sreekanth Chaguturu '04 MD (see Joe Hou '98).

Peter Lee '05 MD (see Leo Kobayashi '94).

Michael Poch '05 MD (see Joe Hou '98).

Sarah DeNucci '07 MD and Omar Hyder '07 MD (see Omar Hyder '03).

From the January / February 2008 Issue

Joel Shalowitz ’77 MD (see ’74).

Julianne Ip ’78 MD (see Naline Lai ’89 and Vincent Capaldi ’02).

John Keats ’78 MD (see ’75).

Gene Weinberg ’78 MD (see Cleo Palelis Hazard ’51).

Thomas DeNucci ’80 MD Sarah DeNucci ’07 MD (see Vincent Capaldi ’02).

Mara Coyle ’86 MD (see Celinda Gourd ’04).

William Brown ’83, ’87 MD (see Celinda Gourd ’04).

John Brooklyn ’89 MD is a family physician at the Community Health Center of Burlington, Vt. He was recently recognized by the Vermont and New Hampshire Bi-State Primary Care Association for his efforts in the treatment of opiate addiction and his attempt to mainstream those treatments into primary care. Edwin is on the faculty at the Univ. of Vermont’s College of Medicine, where he has been the medical director of the Substance Abuse Treatment Center since 1994. His area of research is in the use of buprenorphine, an alternative to methadone.

Howie Kornstein ’93 MD (see Alyson Yashar ’89).

Sonia Sujin Chung ’98 MD and Nisha Gupta ’98 MD (see Naline Lai ’89).

Christine Huo ’99 MD, Melissa Lai ’99 MD, Felix Lui ’99 MD, Jack Rozel ’99 MD, and Sue Saks Walker ’99 MD (see Naline Lai ’89).

Kavita Babu ’00 MD (see Naline Lai ’89).

Sanjay Naik ’00 MD (see ’96).

Dorkina Myrick ’01 MD, ’01 PhD writes: “I completed a residency in anatomic pathology at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md., in June 2005. After residency, I accepted a position with the Cancer Training Branch of the National Cancer Institute, where I am currently employed. It’s a fantastic opportunity! I would not have been able to obtain this type of career experience anywhere else.”

Sameer Saini ’95, ’01 MD and Seema Saini ’97, ’01 MD (see Monika Srivastava ’98).

Sumona Saha ’98, ’02 MD (see Monika Srivastava ’98).

Rashmi Licht ’02 MD (see ’98).

David Poch ’02 MD (see Joanna Mareth ’98).

Matthew O’Brien ’04 MD (see David Lichtenstein ’99).

Julie Roth ’04 MD (see Marcelle Bombardieri ’99).

Charles Hebert ’05 MD (see Rachel Cruz ’01).

Jimmy Carroll ’06 MD (see Naline Lai ’89).

Katja Goldflam ’06 MD, Amanda Higginson ’06 MD, Allan Hansen ’06 MD, and Stanley Pelosi ’06 MD (see Liz Yu ’02).

Liz Yu ’06 MD (see ’02).

Vincent Capaldi ’07 MD, Sarah DeNucci ’07 MD, Omar Hyder ’07 MD, and Ido Preis ’07 MD (see Vincent Capaldi ’02).

Peter Vezeridis ’07 MD (see Liz Yu ’02).

From the November / December 2007 Issue

Andrew Berke ’79 MD (see Caren Lee ’03).

Richard Pieters ’82 MD has been inducted as a fellow in the American College of Radiology. Richard is a clinical associate professor of radiation oncology and pediatrics at the UMass Medical School, a consultant at Jordan and UMass Memorial HealthAlliance, and vice speaker of the Mass. Medical Society.

Joshua Garren ’97 MD (see ’91).

Pearl Huang-Ramirez ’98 MD (see ’93).

Myechia Minter-Jordan ’98 MD (see ’94).

Neel Gandhi ’99 MD was a recipient of the 2007 Doris Duke Foundation’s Clinical Scientist Development Award. He is an assistant professor of medicine, epidemiology, and population health at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva Univ.

Felix Lui ’99 MD (see ’95).

Jason Rogart ’01 MD (see Jeff Nussbaum ’97).

Valerie Weiss ’01 MD (see Anna Goldberg ’02).

Tyler Berzin ’03 MD (see Caren Lee ’03).

Jonathan Lee ’03 MD (see Caren Lee ’03).

John Kawaoka ’04 MD (see ’00).

Joshua Markowitz ’04 MD (see David Markowitz ’94).

Cristina Pacheco ’04 MD (see John Kawaoka ’00).

Sarah Squire ’06 MD (see ’02).

From the July / August 2007 Issue

Phyllis A.M. Hollenbeck ’77 MD (see Constance Kulik Morgan ’73).

Albert Baffoni ’79 MD (see ’76).

Michael Cropp ’79 MD (see ’76).

Griffin Rodgers ’79 MD (see ’76).

Esther Rolnick Nash ’81 MD (see ’78).

Carol Bocaccino Kelly ’79 MD (see ’76).

Doug Grayson ’89 MD (see Pamela Grayson ’86).

Rudrani Banik ’97 MD (see ’93).

Daniel Dickstein ’97 MD (see ’93).

AnneMarie Spooner ’98 MD (see ’94).

Stephen Gilheeney, ’99 MD (see Valerie Phillips ’98).

Melisa W. Lai ’99 MD (see ’94).

Elbert Kuo ’01 MD (see ’96).

Anish Sheth ’01 MD (see ’98).

David Hansen ’02 MD, Mara Lang ’02 MD, Greg Roth ’02 MD (see Todd Waldman ’97).

Jason Iannuccilli ’00, ’05 MD (see Alex Hsu ’01).

Brownsyne Tucker-Edmonds ’05 MD (see Bernice Howse Middleton ’00).

From the May / June 2007 Issue

Edward Chu ’83 MD (see ’80).

Andrew Zahalsky ’96 MD (see ’92).

Timothy Lynch ’98 MD (see Anthony Ritaccio ’79).

Cameo Cozart-Chance ’01 MD (see Arienne Clark ’97).

Jason Rogart ’01 MD (see Tom Pepinsky ’01).

Michelle Wong ’06 MD (see Lisa Cisneros ’01)

From the March / April 2007 Issue

Piedade Oliveira-Silva ’86 MD writes: “We are well and still living on Florida’s sunny west coast. I continue to practice pediatrics in a very busy and thriving practice. My oldest started college at Florida State University this fall. The girls are great. Would love to hear from classmates and hope to see you in May!”

Linden Hu ’90 MD (see Naline Lai ’89).

Paul Beade’94 MD (see Lauren Cohen Starr ’94).

Lynne M. Palmisciano ’94 MD (see Bill Palmisciano ’63).

Phil Lai ’99 MD (see Lauren Cohen Starr ’94).

Sameer Parekh ’02 MD (see ’96).

Chris Passero ’02 MD (see Mike Mancuso ’98).

John Kawaoka ’04 MD (see Michael Jesionowski ’00).

Julie Nam ’04 MD (see Lauren Cohen Starr ’94).

Matt O’Brien ’04 MD (see Lissett Ferreira ’99).

Peter Lee ’05 MD (see Marco Fernandez ’94).

From the January / February 2007 Issue

Glenn W. Mitchell ’69 ScM, ’75 MD (see ’67).

Debra Karp Skopicki ’90 MD (see ’87).

Colette Whitby ’96 MD writes: “This October marks a special occasion for Robert and me. We have worked very hard over this past year to make the dream of Nashoba Valley Surgical LLC a reality. We are still enjoying the country life with our girls Bessie, Renee, Gidget, Maggie Lou, Mia, and Sarah.”

Shilpa Pai ’97, ’01 MD (see Rahul Ballal ’99).

Shoshana Landow ’98 MD writes: “Elisa Rhew ’93, ’98 MD and her daughter, Mina Rhew Chang, born Feb. 27, 2006, recently visited me and my son, Philip Landow Stein, born Aug. 29, in New York. Elisa is currently a full-time academic, a rheumatologist attending at Northwest-ern University doing clinical research; I will shortly return from maternity leave to my solo practice in dermatology in Brooklyn Heights and my job as consultant dermatologist at YAI/National Insti-tute for People with Disabilities.”

Anish Sheth ’98, ’01 MD (see Rahul Ballal ’99).

Melisa W. Lai ’99 MD (see ’94).

Steven Shin ’99 MD (see ’95).

Angel Ferrer ’00 MD (see Ivonne Ferrer ’01).

Julie Pan De Chausse ’00 MD (see ’96).

Shilpa Pai ’01 MD (see Rahul Ballal ’99).

Vivek Masson ’02 MD (see ’97).

Geema Shetty Masson ’02 MD (see Vivek Masson ’97).

Pranay Parikh’03 MD (see Elizabeth Schoenfeld ’01).

Michael Schwartz ’03 MD (see Elizabeth Schoenfeld ’01).

Taraneh Shirazian ’03 MD (see Elizabeth Schoenfeld ’01).

Stacey Alicea ’00, ’04 MD (see Romita Mukerjee ’02).

Sreekanth Chaguturu’04 MD (see Elizabeth Schoenfeld ’01).

Eugene Fukudome ’00, ’04 MD (see Igor Helman ’01).

Sri Lakshmi Mitta ’04 MD (see Indy Sen ’00).

Shirine Nassery ’04 MD (see Igor Helman ’01).

Matt O’Brien ’04 MD (see Jason Marsh ’99).

Marie Sankaran Raval ’04 MD (see Indy Sen ’00).

Tejas Raval ’04 MD (see Indy Sen ’00).

Angela Turalba ’00, ’04 MD (see Igor Helman ’01).

Brian Kwong ’05 MD (see Elizabeth Schoenfeld ’01).

Ainsley MacLean ’05 MD (see Igor Helman ’01).

Lorraine Ng ’05 MD (see Igor Helman ’01).

Elizabeth Schoenfeld ’05 MD (see ’01).

Mohsin Malik ’06 MD (see Elizabeth Schoenfeld ’01).

Jeffrey Ogbara ’06 MD (see Romita Mukerjee ’02).

From the May / June 2006 Issue

Julianne Ip '78 (see David Kuo '89).

Ira Siegman '83 (see '80).

Michael A. Rossi '84 (see '81).

William Stevens '87 (see '83).

Greg Johnson '93 (see David Kuo '89).

David Kuo '93 writes that Diane Reali '93 M.D. is an emergency medicine physician at St. Joseph's Hospital in North Providence; Galen Henderson '93 M.D. is a neurology attending physician at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital; and Paulo Pacheco '93 is a gastroenterologist at Cornell-New York Hospital. Vanessa Greenier '93 joined an internal medicine practice in North Providence (see David Kuo '89).

Anthony Lombardi '93 (see David Kuo '89).

Navin Singh '93 (see '90).

Kimberly Townsend '93 (see David Kuo '89).

Rex Chiu '94 (see David Kuo '89).

Enoch Choi '96 (see Tania Choi '94).

The Medical School is searching for Commencement photos to be hung around the BioMed Center as part of a renovation and school-spirit project. The school has copies of photos from most of the 1990s and early 1970s, but is missing a large part of the 1980s. In particular, the school is looking for photos taken on Lincoln Field and depicting class members in robes and hoods for the classes of 1979 through 1986 and 1988 through 1990. The photos will be borrowed only briefly to reproduce for framing and hanging.

From the November / December 2004 Issue

Triste Coulombe ’95 MD and Sara Fazio ’95 MD (see Sara Fazio ’91).

Preetha Basaviah Ganeson ’95, Renu Sharaf Mansukhani ’95 MD, and Srilata Naidu Reddy ’95 MD (see Sara Fazio ’91).

Joanne Wilkinson ’95 MD (see ’90).

Silvana Ribaudo ’99 MD and Anjali Viswanathan ’00 MD (see Mark A. Tracy ’95).

Jyothi Nagraj Marbin ’06 MD (see ’96).

From the September / October 2004 Issue

Griffin Rodgers ’79 MD (see ’76).

Edward Chu ’83 MD (see ’80).

Navin Singh ’93 MD (see Khalil Sivjee ’90).

Yeuen Kim ’96 MD (see ’92).

Sanjay Rao ’96 MD (see ’92).

Srihari “Hari” Naidu ’97 MD (see ’93).

Allen Hsiao ’98 MD (see Joyce M. Oen-Hsiao ’97).

Raj Saini ’99 MD (see Joyce M. Oen-Hsiao ’97).

David Jackman ’00 MD (see Elbert Kuo ’96).

Sanjay Naik ’00 MD (see Jeffrey W. Goodman ’96).

Julie Pan ’00 MD (see Elbert Kuo ’96).

Mike Passero ’00 MD (see Jeffrey Wetzler ’96).

Sandhya “Sundee” Rao ’00 MD (see Laura Wilkinson ’99).

Ari Blitz ’01 MD (see Jeffrey Wetzler ’96).

Elbert Kuo ’01 MD (see ’96).

Sameer Parekh ’02 MD (see ’96 and Neel Parekh ’00).

Jaya Agrawal ’03 MD (see Emily J. Caplan ’97).

From the July / August 2004 Issue

Bob Weinberg ’78 MD (see ’74).

Nadine Cartwright-Lowe ’85 MD (see ’82).

Linden Hu ’90 MD (see ’87).

Andy Feldman ’86, ’91 MD (see Caryl-Ann Miller Nieforth ’59).

Kerith Davidson Lawrence ’94, ’98 MD (see Lisa Davidson ’97).

Kim Busi ’97 MD, Oreste Drapaca, and big brother Tristan announce the Feb. 7 birth of Sebastian Constantin Drapaca.

Jennifer Mbuthia ’00 MD (see ’96).

Elbert Kuo ’01 MD (see ’96).

Jason Rogart ’01 MD (see Alexandra Nelson ’00).

Larry Siegel ’02 MD (see Lisa Davidson ’97).

Grant Wei ’02 MD (see Sarah Livson Levy ’98).

From the May / June 2004 Issue

David Snyder ’75 MD (see Jonathan Grossberg ’02).

Akim Czmus ’77 MD (see ’74).

Mark Musen ’80 MD (see Rick Carell ’77).

Michael J. Roy ’88 MD (see ’84).

Ralph Padilla ’88 MD (see Michael J. Roy ’84).

Eduina Martins ’90 MD (see Michael J. Roy ’84).

Lynn Iler ’95 MD writes: “My husband, David Silver, and I have moved, though we’re still in Providence. We have two sons, Jack, 3, and Griffin, 1. I am practicing dermatology in Warwick. David is an anesthesia resident at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston. We are planning to host a party at our house for my 10th reunion.”

Michael Blackman ’97 MD (see Karen Grace ’94).

Valerie Weiss ’01 MD (see ’97).

From the March / April 2004 Issue

Deborah Spitz ’77 MD (see ’74).

Cindy Osman ’88 MD (see Arthur Levine ’84).

Jay A. Zaslow ’93 MD (see Samantha A. Rai ’91).

Viraj Shroff-Mehta ’95 MD (see Tracey Scronic ’91).

Pearl Huang-Ramirez ’98 MD (see ’93).

Chris Dodson ’03 MD (see Doug Ulman ’99).

From the January / February 2004 Issue

Kenneth B. Ain ’81 M.D. (see ’78).

Jason Rosenstock ’92 M.D. (see Kammy Jain ’89).

Howard Kornstein ’93 M.D. (see Alyson Yashar ’89).

Natalie Cekleniak ’93 M.D. (see Alyson Yashar ’89).

Rob Grossberg ’96 M.D. (see Craige Ruffin ’92).

Allen Hsiao ’98 M.D. (see Andy Shen ’95).

Keri Davidson Lawrence ’98 M.D. (see ’94).

Wendy Lin ’98 M.D. (see Andy Shen ’95).

Myechia Minter ’98 M.D. (see ’94).

Justin Dominick ’99 M.D. (see Andy Shen ’95).

Stephen Gilheeney ’99 M.D. (see Scott Paley ’95).

Andrew Kalinsky ’99 M.D. (see ’95).

Melisa Lai ’99 M.D. (see ’94).

Andy Shen ’99 M.D. (see ’95).

Jenny Souther ’99 M.D. (see ’95).

Albert Woo ’99 M.D. (see Andy Shen ’95).

Steve Cha ’00 M.D., (see Shira Epstein ’94).

From the November / December 2003 Issue

Alan Cole ’76 M.D. (see Lisa Cole ’99).

David Rutstein ’83 M.D. writes: “In March 2000 my family and I returned to the United States after thirteen years living in the Federated States of Micronesia, where I was practicing family medicine. I am now deputy associate administrator for health professions in the Health Resources and Services Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Needless to say, our lives are considerably different than when we lived in the Pacific.”

Paulo Pacheco ’93 M.D., of New York City, writes: “After four years as an attending physician in the gastroenterology (GI) division and the program director of the clinical GI training program at Cornell, I went into private GI practice in Manhattan. I just completed my first book, Living with Chronic Heartburn: A Complete Health Guide to Acid Reflux and GERD.”

Staci M. Resnick ’95 M.D. (see ’91).

Melisa Lai ’99 M.D. (see Bonnie Meguid ’95).

Dale Bertrand ’02 Sc.M. (see Mariah Sieber ’99).

Rob Meguid ’02 M.D. (see Bonnie Meguid ’95).

Barrett Bready ’03 M.D. (see Hina Talib ’01).

From the May / June 2003 Issue

Walter Donat ’77 M.D. was presented the Hamolsky Outstanding Physician Award by the Rhode Island Hospital medical staff. He specializes in pulmonology and critical care.

David J. Fuerst ’78 M.D. (see ’75).

Clarence Wiley ’77 M.D. (see ’74).

Michael A. Rossi ’84 M.D. (see ’81).

Jack Fitzpatrick ’85 M.D. (see Susan Hsia ’97).

Lester Manzano ’88 M.D. Res. writes: “The completion of my pathology residency in 1988 was followed by a hematopathology fellowship in Indiana. I practice in upstate New York. My wife, Heidi, and I have two teenage children.”

Eric Sievers ’88 M.D. (see Chris Dauer ’85).

Phillip Pan ’98 M.D. (see ’94).

Victoria Pao ’98 M.D. (see ’94).

Pat Kouwabunpat ’01 M.D. (see Susan Hsia ’97).

Randy Richardson ’03 M.D. (see Elizabeth Wall ’98).

From the March / April 2003 Issue

Roger Maxfield ’77 M.D. (see Chuck Willand ’74).

H. Dwight Wesley ’77 M.D. (see ’74)

Robert Pordy ’82 M.D. (see ’79).

Lisa Baker ’90 M.D. (see ’87).

Carv Tefft ’91 M.D. (see ’85).

Shari-Lynn Umlas Odzer ’90 M.D (see ’87).

William Ruth ’97 M.D. and Phyllidia Ku-Ruth ’93, ’97 M.D. announce the Nov. 4 arrival of George Wen-Ming “GW” Ruth. He joins sister Emelia.

Stephen Gilheeney ’99 M.D. (see Nate Lamkin ’95).

Jennifer Martinelli ’99 M.D. (see ’95).

Jon Smith ’99 M.D. (see Jennifer Martinelli ’95).

Debra Hillier ’02 M.D. and Benjamin Weintraub ’02 M.D. (see Robin Farkas Weintraub ’00).

From the November / December 2002 Issue

Robert R. Alexander '76 M.D. (see '73).

Dan Harrop '79 M.D. (see '76).

Meg van Achterberg '97 M.D. (see '93).

Ed Chung '99 M.D. (see Bill Lee '94).

Michelle Ferdinand '01 M.D. (see '96).

Justin Paglino '01 M.D. (see Meg van Achterberg '93).

Jason Rogart '01 M.D. (see '97).

From the September / October 2002 Issue

Marie Johantgen '87 M.D. writes: "I am happy living in Santa Rosa, Calif., working for Kaiser Permanente as an ob-gyn. In August I married Rich Mello, my high school sweetheart. I have a 6-year-old son, Stephen, and now an 11-year-old stepson, Richie. Rebecca Rossner Chorley was a bridesmaid in the wedding. Does anyone have contact information for Jay Fisher?"

Atul Butte (see '91).

Todd Everett '95 M.D., Sara Fazio '95 M.D., and Renu Sharaf '95 M.D. (see Atul Butte '91).

Manish Butte '96 M.D. (see Atul Butte '91).

Phani Dantuluri '97 M.D. and Srihari Naidu '97 M.D. (see Sharmila Rao '95).

Josh Gady '98 M.D. (see Carmelita Teeter-Lechowit '91).

Melisa Lai '99 M.D. (see '94).

Erika Mitchell '99 M.D. (see Carmelita Teeter-Lechowit '91 and Melisa Lai '94).

Kathleen Hogan '00 M.D. (see Melisa Lai '94).

David Hou '00 M.D. (see Karen Wachtel '96).

Shuba Kamath '00 M.D. and Teena Shetty '00 M.D. (see Sharmila Rao '95).

Eli Kramer '00 M.D., Sanjay Naik '00 M.D., and Seth Rosen '00 M.D. (see Karen Wachtel '96).

Andy Hsu '01 M.D. (see Karen Wachtel '96).

David Bae '02 M.D., Tony Charuvastra '02 M.D., Joseph Hou '02 M.D., Mara Lang '02 M.D., Sameer Parekh M.D. '02, Greg Roth '02 M.D., Rashmi Shetty '02 M.D., Kavita Singh '02 M.D., and Brinda Thimmappa '02 M.D. (see Karen Wachtel '96).

Greg Rozycki '02 M.D. (see Sharmila Rao '95).

From the July / August 2002 Issue

Susan G. Kornstein '83 M.D. (see '80).

Yul Ejnes '85 M.D. (see '82).

Jean Wang '98 M.D. (see Caroline Roberts '94).

Jonathan Smith '99 M.D. (see Jennifer Barrett '96).

Dan Austreih '02 M.D. (see '98).

From the May / June 2002 Issue

Richard Gagnon '77 M.D. writes: "I have been practicing orthopedic surgery in St. Johnsbury, Vt., since 1982. I am happily married and have three children: Kelly, 24, with a master's degree in integrated marketing; Michael, 21, a junior at Roger Williams University; and Patrick, 18, a high school senior."

Harold K. Gever '78 M.D. (see '75).

Michael Rossi '84 M.D. (see '81).

Richard C. Anderson '93 M.D. has been named director of orthopedic trauma in the orthopedics and physical rehabilitation department at UMass Memorial Medical Center. He is also an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

John P. Sabra '95 M.D. (see '91).

Ximena Paez de Sabra '95 M.D. (see John P. Sabra '91).

Kima Taylor '95 M.D. (see Angel Brunner '94).

Jihyun Koo '96 M.D. (see Bob Black '46).

Rudrani Banik '97 M.D. (see Julie FitzGerald Hess '93).

Jaya Agrawal '02 M.D. (see Katherine Chase '97).

From the November / December 2000 Issue

Wilma Shiller (see Matt Wald ’76).

Mark Nunlist ’80 (see June Purcell Beddoe ’40).

Suzanne Burns ’85 (see ’81).

Marjorie Buff Murphy ’88 and John Murphy ’90 (see Marjorie Buff Murphy ’85).

Joel Stern ’91 (see Karen Stern Hammarstrom ’88).

Allen Hsiao ’98 (see Wendy Ng Yee ’97).

Melisa W. Lai ’99 (see Naline Lai ’89 and Alissa Levy Chung ’95).

Michelle Quiogue ’00 and Kevin Yeh ’00 (see Kathy N. Le ’97).

From the September / October 2000 Issue

Elizabeth "Liz" Freedman ’96 (see ’92).

Rob Sokolic ’96 (see ’91).

Yvonne Mark ’97 (see Rob Sokolic ’91).

Scott A. Wilson ’97 and Christopher J. Superczynski ’97 completed their internal-medicine residencies at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island in June. Scott writes: "We are starting our own multispecialty group practice, Physicians of Rhode Island Medical Enterprises (PRIME), in Cumberland, R.I., and are accepting new patients. We would like to hear from classmates looking for employment."

Graham Gardner ’99 (see Kerri McGowan Lowrey ’96).

Melisa W. Lai ’99 (see ’94).

Dave Hou ’00 (see Lori A. Bielinski Matten ’98).

Sandhya Rao ’00 (see Kerri McGowan Lowrey ’96).

From the July / August 2000 Issue

Ken Bloch ’81, Martin Carr ’81, and Brian Margolis ’81 (see Martin Carr ’78).

Andrew L. Feldman ’91 (see Caryl-Ann Miller Nieforth ’59).

Enoch Choi ’96, Gary Lai ’96, and Joseph Chen ’96 (see George Lai ’92).

Phyllidia Ku-Ruth ’97 and William Ruth ’97 (see ’93).

Leo Kobayashi ’98 (see Melisa W. Lai ’94).

Melisa W. Lai ’99 (see ’94).

From the May / June 2000 Issue

Robert Starzak ’75 (see George C. Ellis ’70).

Janet Schaffel ’79 (see ’76).

Robert Pordy ’82 (see ’79).

Jeffrey M. Bloom ’84 and his wife, Christina (California Polytechnic Institute ’94), announce the birth of David Lion. Jeffrey writes: "We love parenthood, and we’re adapting as best we can. Christina is the world’s best mom (in my opinion). My internal-medicine practice booms; Christina coordinates clinical research from home; and we still teach swing dancing." Jeffrey placed first among professional dancers in the Jitterbug Jam in Thousand Oaks, Calif., and the couple taught on the Swing & Lindy Cruise 2000 from April 7 through 10. Jeffrey would love to hear from anyone who ever had anything to do with Brown.

Kay Chang ’92 (see Jenny Hua ’89).

Grace Lee ’92 (see Sandy S. Choi ’95).

Jenny Hua ’93 (see ’89).

Rex Chiu ’94 (see ’89).

Andrew Capraro ’96 will begin a pediatric emergency-medicine fellowship at Boston Children’s Hospital in July. He is in the middle of his pediatric chief residency at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Robert Sokolic ’96 (see Yvonne Mark ’92).

Damien Benjamin ’97 (see Abeel A. Mangi ’93).

Carolyn Blackman ’97 (see ’88).

Yvonne Mark ’97 (see ’92).

Nuna Kim ’98 (see Amanda Moniz ’95).

Jen Lane ’98 and Adda Winkes ’98 (see Debbie Rudnick ’94).

Kenneth Hsiao ’99 (see Anjali Viswanathan ’95).

Andrew Shen ’99 (see ’95).

From the March / April 2000 Issue

David A. Snyder ’75 (see ’71).

Mitchell R. Lester ’83 (see ’79).

Jim Demetroulakos ’85 (see Tyler Wolfram ’88).

Barney Kenet ’88, a dermatologist, has published How to Wash Your Face (Simon & Schuster), in which he reveals secrets for youthful, radiant skin.

Victor Caraballo ’91 (see Jennifer Lumelleau Caraballo ’90).

Linda Pao ’91 (see ’88).

Bert Rossi ’93 (see Leslie Allen ’89).

Emiko Terasaki Robinson ’94 (see Chase Robinson ’85).

Jen Friedman ’96 (see Barbara Azcona ’92).

Lisa Baute ’97 (see Lori Jackson ’91).

Asha Swaroop ’97 M.D. (see Ava Natasha Nepaul ’94).

Jeff Brown ’99 (see ’95).

Phil Lai ’99 and Graham Gardner ’99 (see Jeff Brown ’95).

From the January / February 2000 Issue

Jason Berstein '85 (see Bernard Berstein '50).

Lisa D. Boyle '95 completed her obstetrics and gynecology residency at Women & Infants Hospital in Providence and has joined University Ob/Gyn in East Providence.

Larry Chan '98 (see Feisal Maroof '95).

Howie Kornstein (see '89).

Calvin Lee '97 and Tammy Wu '97 (see Calvin Lee '93).

Dana Zappetti '99 M.D. (see Stephen Gilheeney '95).

From the November / December 1999 Issue

Robert Bojar '76 (see '73).

Julia Gray '81 (see '78).

Paul Marantz '81 (see '78).

Nadine Cartwright '85 (see '82).

Charis Meng '94 (see '90).

Tristé Coulombe, '95 (see Elysabeth Bidwell Ray '92).

Peter V. Chin Hong '97 (see Peter ChiKeung Lee '92).

Jen Sudarsky '97 (see Meg Van Achterberg '93).

Dan Theodoro '97 (see Meg Van Achterberg '93).

Meg Van Achterberg '97 (see '93).

Linda Shiue '98 (see Peter ChiKeung Lee '92).

Richard Alweis '99 (see '95).

Garey Nortiz '99 (see Ami Eden '95).

J. Patrick Ordonez '99 (see Richard Alweis '95).

Jonathan Smith '99 (see Richard Alweis '95).

From the September / October 1999 Issue

The class of 1979 celebrated its 20th reunion during Commencement weekend. Wilma Schiller '76, '79 M.D., Thomas Walek '79 M.D., Edward Martin '76, '79 M.D., Daniel Harrop '76, Joan Citrin Goddard '76, '79 M.D., Carol Boccacino Kelly '76, '79 M.D., Andrew Berke '76, '79 M.D., Janet Schaffel '76, '79 M.D., Margaret Alexander Wiegand '76, '79 M.D., and their families joined Peter Hollman '76, '79 M.D. and his family at his home for a barbecue on Saturday night, followed by a class brunch on Sunday morning at the Faculty Club. Albert Baffoni '76, '79 M.D. served as grand marshal of the Medical School procession on graduation day.

David Rutstein '83 writes: "For the past twelve years I have been living and working in the Federated States of Micronesia. As a member of the U.S. Public Health Service's National Health Service Corps, I was stationed in the Island of Pohnpei for the first four years. After becoming a commissioned officer, I took an assignment in Yap, where I have been for the past eight years. As the only U.S. Public Health Service physician in the Federated States of Micronesia - a country made up of numerous, widely dispersed islands in the equatorial Pacific - my practice is very diverse. It includes a wide range of clinical, educational, epidemiological, public-health, and administrative activities. On a personal note, my wife and I, as well as our three children (ages 16, 14, and 12), enjoy living in Yap very much."

Marc H. Friedberg '93 (see '87).

Navin Singh '93 (see '90).

From the July / August 1999 Issue

Robin Asher '85 M.D. (see '82).

Alice Chen '89 M.D. (see '86).

Josh Rotenberg '95 M.D. (see '91).

Calvin Lee '97 M.D. (see Tammy Wu '93).

Tammy Wu '97 M.D. (see '93).

Eowyn Rieke '98 M.D. (see David Shih '95).

Melisa W. Lai '99 M.D. (see '94).

From the May / June 1999 Issue

Natalie Robinson '68 A.M. (see John A. Ward '59).

Dan Schwarz '68 Ph.D. is a professor of English at Cornell, where he has taught since 1968. In 1998 he received the Russell Distinguished Teaching Award, published Reconfiguring Modernism: Explorations in the Relationship Between Modern Art and Modern Literature (St. Martin's), and married Marcia Jacobson. His book Imagining the Holocaust: Narrative and Memory in Major Holocaust Literary Works (St. Martin's) will appear in fall 1999. Among his other works are studies on James Joyce, Joseph Conrad, Wallace Stevens, and Benjamin Disraeli, as well as two books on literary theory.

L. Robert Smith '68 Sc.M. received the Providence Engineering Society's Humanitarian Award for his work on charitable causes outside the engineering community.

Mary Ellen Marcarelli Johnson '69 M.A.T. (see Ginger Anne Browne '96).

Robert Reasenberg '70 Ph.D. serves as project scientist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He is working on the Full-Sky Astrometric Mapping Explorer (FAME), which has been chosen as one of five candidates for NASA's Medium-Class Explorer program. FAME would allow scientists to determine a star's position, motion, distance, and brightness, and to thoroughly search for giant planets and brown dwarfs in our corner of the galaxy.

Regina Bannan '71 A.M. has been named codirector of Temple University's American Studies Program. She will continue to teach classes in the program, including those focusing on American frontiers, work, and women's issues. An affiliated faculty member in the women's studies program, Regina researches such topics as American women's history, nonprofit organizations, and distance learning.

Daniel Eisenberg '71 Ph.D. is associate dean of liberal arts at Regents College, the nation's first virtual university, in Albany, N.Y.

Vicky Rothman Tartter '77 Ph.D. (see Paul Tartter '73).

Nicki Sahlin '80 Ph.D. (see Nicki Sahlin '68).

Richard E. Johnson '81 Sc.M. (see '74).

Kang Sun '88 Ph.D. has been appointed vice president of technology for Allied Signal's $2 billion performance polymer business. Previously he was general manager of imaging devices at Allied Signal.

Daniel Cavicchi '91 A.M., '96 Ph.D. has published Tramps Like Us: Music and Meaning Among Springsteen Fans (Oxford University Press) an ethnographic study of Bruce Springsteen fans that combines approaches from ethnomusicology and media studies to analyze the complex nature of people's relationships to popular music. Daniel is a freelance writer, an at-home dad, and an adjunct professor of American history and culture at RISD.

Andrew Varias '91 Ph.D. operates the Solid Mechanics Research Office and works jointly with hi-tech industries and academic institutions in Athens, Greece.

Marjorie Milligan '92 M.F.A. has won the inaugural Philbrick Poetry Award, given by the Providence Athenaeum. The award is for New England poets who have not yet had a book published. Marjorie will give a public reading at the Providence Athenaeum May 20. She is a member of the Pitman Street Poets.

Louise Michele Newman '92 Ph.D. (see '86).

Joshua Fenton '94 A.M. has been named a partner of RDW Group, Rhode Island's largest full-service communications firm. As a senior vice president of marketing, he oversees RDW's business development program. He serves as a director of numerous community organizations, including the Rhode Island Zoological Society. He lives in Woonsocket, R.I., with his wife, Julie DiPrete Fenton '88, and their children, Grace, 4, and Theodore, 21 months.

Bridget Carpenter '95 M.F.A. (see '91).

Andrew J. Zahalsky '94 A.M. (see '92).

From the March / April 1999 Issue

Julianne Ip '78 (see David Kuo '89).

Ira Siegman '83 (see '80).

Michael A. Rossi '84 (see '81).

William Stevens '87 (see '83).

Greg Johnson '93 (see David Kuo '89).

David Kuo '93 writes that Diane Reali '93 M.D. is an emergency medicine physician at St. Joseph's Hospital in North Providence; Galen Henderson '93 M.D. is a neurology attending physician at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital; and Paulo Pacheco '93 is a gastroenterologist at Cornell-New York Hospital. Vanessa Greenier '93 joined an internal medicine practice in North Providence (see David Kuo '89).

Anthony Lombardi '93 (see David Kuo '89).

Navin Singh '93 (see '90).

Kimberly Townsend '93 (see David Kuo '89).

Rex Chiu '94 (see David Kuo '89).

Enoch Choi '96 (see Tania Choi '94).

The Medical School is searching for Commencement photos to be hung around the BioMed Center as part of a renovation and school-spirit project. The school has copies of photos from most of the 1990s and early 1970s, but is missing a large part of the 1980s. In particular, the school is looking for photos taken on Lincoln Field and depicting class members in robes and hoods for the classes of 1979 through 1986 and 1988 through 1990. The photos will be borrowed only briefly to reproduce for framing and hanging.

From the January / February 1999 Issue

John Sheppard '78 (see '75).

Michael Margulis '81 (see '78).

William J. Long '82 and has moved to Colorado with Margaret, Liam, and Max, where William will start a new cardiology practice.

Piedade De Oliveira-Silva '82 is living in Florida with her husband and three children. She is practicing pediatrics with Associates in Pediatrics and would like to hear from friends.

Jason Bernstein '85 (see Bernard J. Bernstein '50).

D. Rohan Jeyarajah '89 (see '86).

Lynn Bell Norton '90 (see '87).

Lori Bluvas '91 (see Kim Jones Scott '92).

Dan LaMont '91 and Tammy Fogarty '91 announce the birth of their second child, Elise, on July 21. Dan is doing a fourth-year fellowship in international cardiology at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. Tammy is still in practice in Fountain Valley, Calif.

Lisa Boyle '95 (see Staci M. Resnick '91).

Staci M. Resnick '95 (see '91).

Andrew Caparo '96 was named Second-Year Resident of the Year for the University of Connecticut's pediatric program. He presented a poster, "Severe Intoxication from Xylazine Inhalation," at the North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology in Orlando, Fla. He and his wife, Dawn, were preparing for birth their first child, due on Jan. 1.

Allen L. Hsiao '98 (see Joyce M. Oen '97).

From the November / December 1998 Issue

Christopher J. Morin '75 M.D. is network chief of surgery for St. Luke's hospital network in Bethlehem, Pa. A five-hospital network with a tertiary-care referral center and teaching hospital in Bethlehem, it is affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania.

Allen R. Dyer '70 M.M.S. (see '67).

Preston C. Calvert '79 (see '76).

Patricia L. Buss '81 (see '78).

Patricia Ryan Recupero '85 was named president and C.E.O. of Butler Hospital in Providence on July 22. She will begin duties on January 1. She serves as vice president of systems integration and managed care and associate medical director/medical administration. She began her career at Butler in 1986 as a medical resident. She joined the staff in 1989 and has since served in various leadership capacities. She is a member of the Bar of Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and the U.S. District Court for Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She is a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at Brown and president of the Rhode Island Psychiatric Society. In May, Gov. Lincoln Almond appointed her to the Governor's Council on mental health. She also serves as a member of the parole board of the state of R.I.

Shari-Lynn Umlas Odzer '90 (see '87).

Charis Meng '94 (see '90).

Joanne Wilkinson '95 (see '90).

Myechia Minter '98 (see Ayana Colbert '94).

Melisa W. Lai '99 (see '94, and Naline Lai and Paul Rehmet '89).

From the September / October 1998 Issue

Bob Bigler '77 M.D. (see '74).

Monica Hutchingson Kleinman '87 M.D. (see '84).

Jim Lando '93 M.D. (see '88).

Leigh Winston '93 M.D. (see Jim Lando '88).

Andrew Capraro '96 M.D. was named chief resident of pediatrics at Connecticut Children's Medical Center for 1999-2000.

Samuel Hostetter '96 M.D. and his wife, Melissa Berg Hostetter, announce the arrival of Emma Ruth Hostetter on May 20.

Phani Dantuluri '97 M.D. (see Abeel A. Mangi 93).

Abeel A. Mangi '97 M.D. (see '93).

Hari Naidu '97 M.D. (see Abeel A. Mangi '93).

From the July / August 1998 Issue

Valerie Parisi '75 M.D. (see '72).

Rita A. Manfredi '81 M.D. (see '78).

Esther Rolnick Nash '81 M.D. (see '78).

Jim Revkin '81 M.D. (see Amelia Stern Revkin '53).

Mitchell C. Rosenberg '81 M.D. (see '78).

Peter Brown '85 M.D. (see Athena Demopulos Brodsky '83).

Alain J. Couturier '85 M.D. lives in Middlebury, Ind., with his wife, Debbie, and children, Nicholas, 7, and Alexander, 3. Alain is the executive medical director for the Occupational Health Network in South Bend, Ind. He is the editor of a new textbook, Occupational and Environmental Infectious Disease (O.E.M. Press) and sits on the Council on Scientific Affairs of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. He just became board-certified in occupational medicine, a specialty governed by the American Board of Preventive Medicine.

Michael Plotnick '87 M.D. (see Laurie Rubin '83).

Alyn Adrain '88 M.D. announces the birth of Alexander Mark Weaver Adrain on July 11, 1996. After Alyn completed her medicine residency, she went on to gastroenterology and therapeutic-endoscopy fellowships at Temple University in Philadelphia. She now practices G.I. medicine in Syracuse, N.Y.

Glenn Prescod '89 M.D. (see '83).

Navin Singh '93 M.D. (see Khalil Sivjee '90).

Michael Tso '94 M.D. (see '90).

Viraj Shroff-Mehta '95 M.D. (see '91).

Abeel A. Mangi '97 M.D. (see '93).

From the May / June 1998 Issue

Pat Myskowski '75 M.D. (see Deborah Lisker '72).

Janet Schaffel '79 M.D. (see Jesselyn Brown '92).

Keith Fishbein '80 M.D. (see Selma Gold Fishbein '48).

Martin F. Carr '81 M.D. (see '78).

William J. Long '82 M.D. is practicing cardiology in Baton Rouge, La., while "looking to move out west." He has two children, Max, 1, and Liam, 3.

Barrie Weiner-Ross '88 M.D. (see '85).

Sarah Wolk Bechta '92 M.D. (see Paul Bechta '87).

Rex Chiu '94 M.D. (see '89).

Chris D'Arcy '96 M.D. (see '92).

Victoria G. Reyes '96 M.D. (see Chris D'Arcy '92).



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