GS Class of 1965

Mar, 2019

Arthur S. Reber ’65 AM, ’67 PhD writes: “My most recent book, The First Minds: Caterpillars, Karyotes, and Consciousness was published in November by Oxford University Press. The thesis of the volume is a radical one: namely that consciousness and sentience first appeared along with the very first life forms, the prokaryotes. Yes, bacteria have (very tiny) minds. Just as all other species evolved from these primitive beginnings, so did all forms of mental life. I retired from Brooklyn College and the Grad Center of CUNY in 2005. Rhiannon Allen and I live in Point Roberts, Washington, just a stone’s throw from Vancouver, British Columbia. We both have courtesy appointments in the psychology department at the University of British Columbia, which completes a life-circle as my first academic job was at UBC.”


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