GS Class of 2013

Nov, 2019

Olga Rocha and Peter Vail were married on Aug. 3 at Grace Episcopal Church in downtown Providence. Molly Lao officiated the nuptials with Stephen Albright, Brittany Fidalgo, Anthony Rivera ’14 and Zach Sosa serving in the bridal party. Fellow Brunonians Mahalia Clark ’15; Mariah Lohse ’14; Annam Nguyen ’12,’13 ScM; Grace Palmer; Brian Sokolow; and David Storch were also in attendance.


Sep, 2019

Ashley Bowen’13 AM, ’17 PhD curated three exhibitions for the Exhibition Program at the National Library of Medicine in 2019. In June 2019, Rashes to Research: Scientists and Parents Confront the 1964 Rubella Epidemic opened to the public. This exhibition highlights the work of researchers and parents to limit the impact of rubella in the years before an effective vaccine nearly eliminated the disease from the United States. The banner exhibition and special display will be available through September 25, 2019 in the History of Medicine Division Reading Room, first floor of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Building 38 on the Bethesda,  Maryland, campus of the National Institutes of Health.


Jul, 2019

Ashley E. Bowen ’13 AM, ’17 PhD, curated Rise, Serve, Lead! America’s Women Physicians, a banner exhibition with the U.S. National Library of Medicine that went up at the Bethesda campus of the National Institutes of Health in March. The exhibition, in commemoration of Women’s History Month, highlighted the lives and achievements of more than 300 women physicians who have made a difference through their medical practice and research, work as activists, service as administrators, and mentorship to the next generation of physicians. The companion online adaptation includes an educational component and a digital gallery of books and journal articles authored by some of the doctors profiled in the exhibition that give a view into both their scientific research and experiences in a male-dominated field.


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