MD Class of 1983

Apr, 2024

Karen Misler writes: “My husband, Barry Feigenbaum, and I had a thrilling summer of 2023. Our daughter, Stephanie Feigenbaum, married Avi Arfin on July 3. In attendance at the wedding—in addition to her brother Jeremy Feigenbaum ’11—were Laurie Bass ’76, Katherine Johnston Hutto (my Brown roommate who transferred after sophomore year), Susan Israel ’76, and Randa Reitman ’80, ’83 MD (Avi’s aunt). Then our son Jeremy married Adam Amir on September 3. Wedding guests included Laurie Bass ’76, Jerry Cedrone ’11, Katerina Wright ’11, and Gabriella Ra’anan ’11. Our cup runneth over.”

Aug, 2023

Mitchell R. Lester ’83 MD writes: “I retired from the private practice of allergy/immunology at the end of 2022. I haven’t completely left it behind as I remain active in various professional organizations, including the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and as vice chair of the American Board of Allergy and Immunology. After schlepping it around the country for 40 years, I dusted off my saxophone and am relearning how to play (it is NOT like riding a bicycle). I’m also dabbling in Spanish and American history and plan to learn to construct crossword puzzles. I would love to hear from old friends:”


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