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March 20th, 2007

I get a copy of your magazine because my daughter is a second-year student at the Brown medical school. I read it from cover to cover, except, obviously, the class notes. I have been enlightened, entertained, and educated. The articles are of a quality far beyond any similar magazine. They are better than those in the better magazines for sale on the open market. In the latest issue I was most intrigued by “Tree Huggers,” “Wash and Wear” (Alumni P.O.V.), and the article on Lincoln Chafee (January/February).

We hear little about politicians other than the ones we or our neighbors can vote for or against. Your article explained why Chafee’s name came up so often in the local Chicago news coverage of the recent campaigns.

“Wash and Wear” touched me deeply. It brought tears to my eyes, both for the loss of the young woman and the loss of the author’s opportunity to make a similar meaningful gift.

“Tree Huggers” got me all excited. I liked those two guys. The author painted a picture of the relationship between this father and son that made me want to know them better. I rushed out, bought the book, and just finished reading it. Our “dooryard” includes a couple of saplings, four birch trees, and a mature maple tree. I have a gas furnace. I’m not about to change over to a wood stove, and I’m not going to manage my “woodlot” except to mow the grass. The book goes into my library right next to the books on traditional woodworking, tugboats, and quantum physics that I also will not be putting to practical use. But, boy, are they fun to read and reread.

Thanks for everything!

Chick Schulze
Palatine, Ill.

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