GS Class of 1966

Nov, 2020

David Orsini ’66 AM, ’75 PhD, published Vanishing by Degrees and The Weaver of Plots. Vanishing by Degrees is scheduled to be introduced into the language arts curriculum in Cranston High School West, R.I.

Aug, 2020

Charlie Shumway ’66 AM (see Bob Sanchez ’58).

Apr, 2020

William Stork ’66 MAT writes: “I am still active as an educational consultant and have been asked to join the board of the Brown Club of Boston. As you may know from the news, Hong Kong has a bit of turmoil, but Brown’s spunky professor Josiah Carberry was there to see if the rumpus would have any effect on his research (he said ‘no’). A good visit, I hadn’t seen him since that celebration in his honor at the Brown Club of Boston several years ago.”


Sep, 2019

Spike Gonzales, Charles Shumway ’58, ’66 AM, and Roger Young ’50 have been playing tennis together at the Wilderness Country Club in Naples, Fla., for the last decade.


Spike gonzales ’69 and his tennis buddies
Jan, 2019

David Orsini ’66 AM, ’75 PhD has new editions of his favorably-reviewed novels The Woman Who Loved Too Well and The Ghost Lovers available online and in bookstores.


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