Don't Just Sit There

By Stephen Mahoney and Cynthia Rose / January / February 2007
February 12th, 2007

The November/December cover article on Jim Yong Kim ’82 was especially compelling (“The Healer”). Two years ago I put down Tracy Kidder’s Mountains Beyond Mountains, turned to my wife, and told her we were moving to a place that needed us more than the

Today we live in Springfield, Massachusetts, where I am starting a new urban public school built in partnership with Expeditionary Learning Schools/Outward Bound and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Doubtless I am just one of the thousands of people inspired by Paul Farmer and Jim Yong Kim to do more with their lives than sit and watch. Bravo to the BAM for the story, and thank you Dr. Kim and Dr. Farmer.

Stephen Mahoney ’86
Springfield, Mass.

What a wonderful article on Jim Yong Kim ’82! I, along with several other Brunonians, work with Kim at Partners In Health, whose cofounder, Paul Farmer, has been a Brown Commencement speaker. Given that there are as many Brown alumni working here as Harvard alumni, Partners In Health feels like a part of the Brown family.

Your article was really one of the best pieces of writing on Kim that I’ve read. He will be a Nobel laureate some day (he’s already been nominated), and you will be proud to have written the piece that serves as a resource for the nomination letter. Thank you!

Cynthia Rose ’69 MAT

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