Fresh Ink

April 21st, 2007

No Alabaster Box by Charles D. Bradley'60 (Xlibris). Beast of Love by Alec Klein '90 (James A. Rock).

Moral Vision by Duane L. Cady (Rowman & Littlefield). Lost and Found in Translation by Martha J. Cutter'91 PhD (North Carolina). Matzoh Ball Gumbo by Marcie Cohen Ferris'80 (North Carolina). The Leadership Genius of Alfred P. Sloan by Allyn Freeman'96 (McGraw-Hill). Storming the Court by Brandt Goldstein'87 (Scribner). Blobjects and Beyond by Steven Skov Holt '82 and Mara Holt Skov (Chronicle). Graffiti Brasil by Tristan Manco, Lost Art, and Caleb Neelon '99 (Thames & Hudson). Learning from the Left by Julia L. Mickenberg'90 (Oxford). Detecting the Nation by Caroline Reitz '92 PhD (Ohio State). The Indian Chief as Tragic Hero by Gordon M. Sayre '88 (North Carolina). Faith in Their Own Color by Craig D. Townsend '78 (Columbia). Practicing Mortality by Christopher A. Dustin and Joanna Ziegler '78, '84 PhD (Palgrave).

Take Charge of Your Child's Sleep by Judith A. Owens and Jodi A. Mindell (Marlowe). Brown Gumshoes by Ralph E. Rodriguez (Texas). Evaluating and Treating Families by Christine E. Ryan, Nathan B. Epstein, Gabor I. Keitner, Ivan W. Miller, and Duane S. Bishop (Routledge).

Held-over Fresh Ink from Jan/Feb, 2006

Voices from the Heartland by Esther Isabelle Wilder PhD '97 and William H. Walters PhD '02 (Brookline Books).

Real Karaoke People by Edward Bok Lee '98 MFA (New Rivers).

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