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By The Editors / November / December 2003
June 21st, 2007

Alumni Fiction

Luba: The Angel of Bergen-Belsen by Michelle Roehm McCann ’91 and Lube Tryszynska-Frederick (Tricycle).

The Curse of the Raven Mocker by Marly Youmans ’76 (Farrar, Straus & Giroux).

Alumni Nonfiction

Snakehead by Eric Jay Dolin ’83 (Smithsonian).

Literary Character: The Human Figure in Early English Writing by Elizabeth Fowler ’85 (Cornell).

The Two Percent Solution by Matthew Miller ’83 (Public Affairs).

Finding Susan by Molly Hurley Moran ’69 (Southern Illinois).

Nanotechnology and Homeland Security: New Weapons for New Wars by Daniel Ratner ’97 and Mark Ratner (Prentice Hall).

The Complete Singer-Songwriter: A Troubadour’s Guide to Writing, Performing, Recording and Business by Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers ’86 (Backbeat).

Trading Up: The New American Luxury by Michael Silverstein ’76 and Neil Fiske (Portfolio).

The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke by Elizabeth Warren and Amelia Warren Tyagi ’93 (Basic).

Losing Jonathan by Robert Waxler ’66 and Linda Waxler (Spinner).

Faculty Nonfiction

Germany’s War and the Holocaust: Disputed Histories by Omer Bartov (Cornell).

Environment, Power, and Injustice: A South African History by Nancy Jacobs (Cambridge) .

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