For Better Student Posture

By The Editors / November / December 2002
June 28th, 2007
Corrective gymnasium classes at Brown university have improved the postures and general health of more than 80 percent of all students in this group during the past five years, the Department of Physical Education reported as this year's corrective program was started this winter.

Freshmen in need of posture correction are assigned to gymnasium classes, which continue through the winter for three periods weekly under the direction of Prof. Leslie E. Swain. With the development of special methods at Brown for a comprehensive posture correction program, the percentage of improvement is expected to continue this upward trend, Prof. Swain said.

"It seems clear to me that if we are to serve students fully, we must continue to stress posture correction," Prof. Swain said. "There have been numerous instances in which undergraduates have expressed their gratification over improved posture and better health as a result of our corrective classes. Posture correction has helped many students become more proficient in such sports as boxing, wrestling, basketball, fencing, and others where flexibility is especially necessary."

With the Committee on Educational Advice and Direction having determined by a detailed study that health of students is one of the five major factors bearing upon academic standing, Prof. Swain is now at work to see whether improved posture means improved grades.

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