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By The Editors / September / October 2002
June 29th, 2007


Winter Run by Robert Ashcom '62 (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 224 pages, $19.95).

Carrying the Body by Dawn Raffel '79 (Scribner, 126 pages, $18).

Dreaming Maples by Claudia Ricci '74 (Star Root Press, 427 pages, $14.95).

Learning to Float by Lili Wright '86 (Broadway Books, 337 pages, $22.95).



Sheba: Through the Desert in Search of the Legendary Queen by Nicholas Clapp '57 (Houghton Mifflin, 372 pages, $14).

The Reconstruction of American Liberalism, 1865Ð1914 by Nancy Cohen '85 (University of North Carolina Press, 336 pages, $22.50).

Business Without Borders: A Strategic Guide to Global Marketing by Donald DePalma '86 Ph.D. (John Wiley & Sons, 256 pages, $29.95).

The Memory of Judgment: Making Law and History in the Trials of the Holocaust by Lawrence Douglas '81 (Yale University Press, 318 pages, $35).

The Artistry of Anger: Black and White Women's Literature in America, 1820Ð1860 by Linda Grasso '93 Ph.D.(University of North Carolina Press, 344 pages, $18.95).

Torn at the Roots: The Crisis of Jewish Liberalism in Postwar America by Michael Staub '87 Ph.D. (Columbia University Press, 386 pages, $29.50).



Diamond Stories: Enduring the Change on 47th Street by Ren}e Rose Shield '70, '84 Ph.D. (Cornell University Press, 233 pages, $29.95).

The American Revolution: A History by Gordon Wood(Modern Library, $19.95)

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