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By The Editors / May / June 2002
June 30th, 2007
Attorney Edward D. Fagan, who recovered $8 billion from European companies on behalf of Holocaust survivors, filed a slavery-reparations lawsuit in March against three companies, including FleetBoston Financial Group; Fleet traces its roots to Providence Bank, which was cofounded by slave trader and businessman John Brown, a member of the family after which the University is named . Tuition and fees will rise 4.6 percent in the fall, to $36,356 . The National Labor Relations Board agreed to review the regional NLRB decision ruling that University graduate students are employees . The admission office office sent out 14,606 acceptance letters this spring for an overall acceptance rate of 16.6 percent . Straight Man, by Thomas Beatty '03 and Gabriel Kahane '03, received the top collegiate musical-theater award in April at the American College Theater Festival in Washington, D.C.
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