60 Seconds with Robin Rose

By Chad Galts / November / December 2000
October 24th, 2007

On July 1, Rose ended nine stormy years as dean of student life to become director of financial-aid stewardship and dean on special assignment.

BAM: What advice do you have for your successor?

Rose: In the events that have been the most important to me—the Spats case, Adam Lack, Ebony Thompson [three particularly contentious disciplinary cases]—the particulars have been extremely important. But cases like these also touch nerves. Sexual assault and race are issues that people have very strong feelings about. My advice would be to keep this in perspective when you’re managing a case, but also understand what the larger issues are for the campus. In terms of race, we’re living on a tinderbox. What happened last semester [the Ebony Thompson case] was one example, and it will happen again.

BAM: Why did you decide to leave the Office ofStudent Life?

Rose: It was just time. I loved what I did. I miss the people and the issues, but I don’t miss the pace. Plain and simple, I wanted my life back.

BAM: And you’ll supervise the Brown Outdoor Leadership Training program?

Rose: BOLT has been the love of my life for the last thirteen years. Sophomore year can be very tough for students, and this was the best way to get them involved in something that really made a positive difference in their lives. Sixty to 70 percent of participants have never been on an extended backpacking trip before. [To me] it’s like being a student all over again. And I don’t need to wear my flak jacket to the office anymore.

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