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By The Editors / November / December 1999
November 5th, 2007

At an October 2 dinner in Andrews Hall, the Brown Alumni Association presented its sixteenth set of Alumni Recognition Awards to a fresh crop of the University's most distinguished alumni. This year's recipient of the William Rogers Award - given to an alum who, in the words of the Brown Charter, leads a life of "usefulness and reputation" - is Edwidge Danticat. The author of The Farming of Bones (see "Today I Am a Bird," Books, March/April) and two other works, Danticat is the first novelist to win the award. She is also its youngest recipient.

William Rogers Award
Edwidge Danticat '93 M.F.A.

Brown Bear Award
For outstanding personal service to the University over a period of years.
Harold S. Gold '51
Gerald R. Levine '58
Joan Wernig Sorensen '72

Alumni Service Award
For distinguished, continuing volunteer service to Brown.
Jackson H. Skillings '37
Delores Pastore DiPrete '49
Richard J. Ramsden '59
Lawrence A. Kerson '64
Berit S. Muh '64
Kenneth K. Gee '79
Terry Tegnazian '74
Carmen Garcia Rodriguez '83
Irene Sinrich Sudac '81

Young Alumni Service Award
Established in 1999 to recognize alumni whose early volunteer service to Brown sets an example for their peers.
Victoria M. Chiou '94

H. Anthony Ittleson '60 Award
Given by the Annual Fund to volunteers who best exemplify the leadership of Mr. Ittelson.
Stephen Goldberger '64
Lawrence Rand '64

John Hope Award
For alumni who have shown extraordinary commitment to volunteer public service.
Jeffrey R. Keitelman '82

Spotlight Awards
For exemplary projects in service to Brown.
Lillian Carneglia Affleck '44
Peter A. Mackie '59
Brian C. Murphy '67
Timothy and Naomi Neufeld '69
Beverly Heafitz Zweiman '66
Frank and Leslie Altman '75
Lydia Ivey Bigler '74

Nancy R. Kail '84
James D. Kallman '84
Michael T. Kezirian '89
Eric Wai '85
Alexander and Giovanna Cavallo '94
Wendy J. Clymer '93
Tara I. Koslov '91

Michelle A. Proulx '76

James and Ada Horwich

B.A.A. of Southern California
B.A.S.C. of Philadelphia

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