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March 9th, 2009


Plans to relocate the Urban Environmental Lab (UEL) have been put on hold, at least temporarily, now that a new Mind Brain Behavior building will not be built on the site.... Romano Prodi, former prime minister of Italy, began a five-year term as a professor-at-large based at the Watson Institute for International Studies.... The Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation agreed to contribute $100,000 toward the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a resource center for new start-ups that Brown will administer in a building it owns in Providence's Jewelry District... Brown geologists have found evidence that the surface of Mars held water in the relatively near past: a system of 1.25 million-year-old gullies most likely formed by meltwater from nearby snow and ice deposits.... A research team led by neuroscience professor Justin Fallon announced the discovery of a structure in the brain, Fragile X granule, that may be a key for treating certain types of autism and mental retardation.... Using a three-dimensional petri dish it developed, a team of biomedical engineers led by associate professor of medical science Jeffrey Morgan has found a way to build microtissues in complex shapes, a development that could reduce the need for lab animals in certain kinds of research.... Working with UC Berkeley researchers, assistant professor of cognitive and linguistic sciences David Badre has mapped the parts of the brain's frontal lobe that control abstract and concrete thinking.


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