Counting Blessings

July 22nd, 2009

At age fourteen I contracted polio at a Boy Scout camp and spent ten days in an iron lung. I later qualified for a regular NROTC scholarship in its initial year and chose Brown. I became a carrier naval aviator, serving in the Far East during the Korean War. I have run a half marathon and made two Outward Bound trips. I now use a cane and a walker.

After studying the article about Catherine Wolf '72 AM, '74 PhD, ("I Will Be Heard!" March/April), I count my continuing good health among my blessings. Catherine is now my pin-up girl. I include her in my daily prayers. I trust God to continue to give her the perseverance and fortitude to make every day a positive experience with such an amazing effort!

Bob Goodwin '52
Jacksonville, Fla.

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